White Label vs Private Label…What’s The Difference?

June 15, 2021

The Gist

Basically, White Label means the Eventgroove brand will be minimally present, though your brand will still be the focus. Private Label sites will be completely branded to your brand, with no mention of Eventgroove.

The Details

There are some specific aspects of your site that are affected based on whether you choose White Label or Private Label. Here’s a list of site features that are different based on your selection. 



The logo in the top navigation will appear as ‘Powered by Eventgroove’ for White Label sites. For Private Label sites, you have the option to override that logo with your own. 



Emails regarding transactions on your site will be sent via products@eventgroove.com for White Label sites. For Private Label sites they will be sent via support@TXDesign.com (our generic Private Label brand)



Your can only enable purchase order billing for White Label sites. Purchase order billing also requires secure access on your site. 


Secure Access

You can only enable secure access for White Label sites. 


Order Approval

Order approval can only be set up for White Label sites. 

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