Ticket Security

We know how important security is for your event, which is why we offer a number of options to reduce the risk of fraudulent tickets

Hinder ticket tempering and duplication

Our security features give event organizers peace of mind and ensure only those with valid tickets may attend events. Our state of the art security options come at very affordable prices (some are completely free!).


  • Both generic and branded holograms available
  • Tamper evident so tickets can’t be shared
  • Located on back perforation of the item
  • Starting at $0.01 per item for generic
  • Starting at $0.05 per item for custom


  • Can be verified by moving the item in the light
  • Glossmarks do not affect images or text on the item
  • Starting at $0.01 per item

UV security media

  • Invisible ink which can only be seen under a black light
  • Does not affect images or text on item
  • Simple and fast to validate tickets at the door
  • Starting at $0.01 per item

Heat sensitive media

  • Ink changes color when exposed to heat
  • Validate tickets by holding tightly or rubbing
  • Extremely difficult to replicate
  • Starting at $0.01 per item


  • Each item is printed with microtext by default
  • The default microtext is the TicketPrinting.com brand
  • In almost all cases, security microtext will not be legible when copied
  • You can choose to remove this feature when configuring your tickets
  • Free of charge

Unique barcode & number

  • Included by default on ticket backs
  • Barcode is Code 93 format and can be scanned by the vast majority of barcode scanners.
  • Free of charge

See these security features in action.