Mailing services

Create a custom mailer, upload your mailing list, and we’ll mail them for you.
As low as at 8¢ per item + postage.

Key features


CASS. USPS’s Coding Accuracy Support System allows users to ensure their addresses are correct before submitting a mailing list. If you select CASS when customizing your order we will run the list through CASS via an API before applying it to your mailer.


NCOA. USPS’s National Change of Address software will ensure the address for each recipient on your list is correct. USPS securely stores address changes in their system for 1 year so anyone who has moved recently will receive your mailer at their new address.


Nonprofit postage. If you have a nonprofit permit with USPS, we can record your permit or indicia and provide the nonprofit postage rate.


Presort permit. If you have a presort permit with USPS, we can enter your permit number and use your presort postage rate. The quantity must be over 200, and the presort charge is $50 per order.


Seed mailer. We can automatically add your corporate address to every mailer order that is placed so you will receive a copy of every mailer that is sent from your store.

Available products

  • Standard postcards. We have hundreds of postcard templates that are mail-ready! You can also use our Design-Your-Own tool to create a standard 4.25” x 6” postcard, or we can create custom templates using your artwork. 
  • Large postcards. If you want a larger postcard, we can create custom templates for you at a 5” x 7” size or even 5.5” x 8”. 
  • Brochures. We can use your artwork to create a tri-fold mailer that will be tabbed, and mailed.
  • Custom. Have something else in mind? Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

How to order direct mailers

1. Create

Create your design using a  template, or our DYO tool.

2. Addresses

Configure your mailing list according to the sample file

3. Upload

Upload mailing list to your configured template

4. Checkout

Select a mailing option, and add to cart.

Let’s talk about your print-on-demand needs!