Integrated events and fundraisers

Discover how Eventgroove integrates online events and fundraising services

Simple, powerful event management

The Eventgroove Events platform allows you to easily create, manage and promote live or virtual events.


Integrated. We can integrate to your print-on-demand site, CRM, marketing platform, and your accounting system.


Scalable. Built for distributed organizations, the service is designed to handle anything from smaller local events to national conferences.


Promotion. Powerful tools like social sharing, email invitations, and the ticket sales widget help you reach as many guests as possible.


Analytics. The event dashboard provides tools to analyze how guests found your event, where they are located, as well as the quality of traffic from each location and referring source with built-in Google Analytics.


Private label. Maximize your brand and increase ticket buyers’ awareness and trust in your event service by creating a branded private label event management site, completely under your brand.

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Online fundraising for your cause

The Eventgroove Fundraising service allows you to easily create and manage online fundraisers. 


Variety.  Six different powerful fundraiser types (campaigns) help you raise money exactly as you want. Use different ones throughout the year.


Promotion.  Powerful tools like social sharing, and text-to-give allow you to expand your reach.


Automation.  There are many parts of your fundraiser that you can choose to automate; email notifications, prize drawings, funds collection, and more.


Help center.  Our extensive help center will help answer any questions–from legal questions to analytics to organization registration.


Private label.  Maximize your earning power by setting up a branded fundraising site for your organization.

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Popular Eventgroove integrations

Product feed

Embed products from your print-on-demand site directly in the event wizard

Fundraising embed

Embed items from your fundraiser directly on your event page


Connect your Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Twillio account

Custom integrations

We can integrate with your CRM, marketing platform, accounting system, and more!