Find information about specific orders as well as overall stats for your storefront in the Analytics section of your dashboard. 


To view analytics from your site, select Overview from the left navigation in your dashboard. At the top, you’ll see a summary of total orders, estimated revenue, and average order value. 

Pro tip: You can also view these analytics on the homepage of your dashboard.


Modify the date range, and use the filters to specify what types of orders you want to view. To view additional details for a specific order, click the order ID.

Download Receipts

You can download the receipt for an individual order by selecting the checkbox next to the order number, and clicking ‘Download Receipts’. If you are downloading multiple receipts, you can download them individually, or as a single PDF. 

Export Spreadsheets

You can also export order details as as CSV file. You can choose from two format options:

Orders Summary: each line will contain a summary of an individual order. This is helpful for identifying loyal customers, and calculating average order value.  

Revenue Share

All of our print-on-demand sites receive 20% back from the net revenue generated on their site. You can add a markup to your products to increase your revenue share as well! We send the payouts quarterly, and can either send you a paper check to the address indicated in your account, or we can set up direct deposit. To set up direct deposit, contact our accounting team at