If you want to create completely custom products for your Eventgroove e-commerce storefront, this post is for you! Learn how to customize your templates and add them to your store so your customers can find, edit, and order the product for themselves. There are two methods for creating products for your store: modifying an existing design, or starting from scratch. There are instructions for each method listed below. 

Modify an existing design

1. Log in

Log into your dashboard, and select Products from the left menu. 

TIP: Make sure you have a storefront created. 

2. Select product

If you want to modify an existing design, use the filters to narrow your search and locate the product you want to modify. Click Clone. 

Note: if you don’t see a Clone button next to the product, unfortunately that item isn’t available for design modifications at this time. 

3. Name & description

Modify the name and description of the product as you wish. Select the storefront to which you want to save your product, and click Save Product. 

4. Design

Use the tools to modify the design, then click Save Design. 

Tip: If you wish to lock certain elements so users of your site cannot edit them, select the element you want to lock, and click the lock icon in the top toolbar. 

Start from scratch

1. Start with a DYO product

To create a product from scratch, navigate to the products page, and Available Products tab. Filter by DYO products only. 

2. Customized templates

Select one of the Customized templates that says ‘Start from Scratch’ on the product thumbnail, and click Clone. 

3. See above

Follow steps 3 and 4 above.