Customize your storefront by adding pages for each different product type. 

1. Log in

Log into the dashboard, and navigate to Pages in the left nav. 

2. Create new page

Click the Create New Page button in the upper right corner.

3. Name and web ID

Name your page, and add the web ID that will appear in the URL.

4. Page type

Select what type of page you want (product listing, Design-your-own, or html content). 

5. Product types

If you chose product listing or DYO in step 4, select which product types should appear on the page. Click Create Page

6. Html content

You can choose to add html content at the top of the page, which will appear above the products. To add html content, select the Content tab, and add your content to the html editor. 

7. Preview page

To preview your new page, click the preview icon next to the page title.