If you want to create completely custom products for your Eventgroove e-commerce storefront, this post is for you! Learn how to customize your templates and add them to your store so your customers can find, edit, and order the product for themselves.

1. Log in

Log into the dashboard and select Products from the left menu. 

2. Select storefront

Select which storefront you want to work with from the dropdown menu.

3. Add products

To add products, select the Available Products tab, and filter by product type and keyword to find the products you want. Select the checkbox to the left of each product you want to add, and click Add To Storefront. 

TIP: If you added a new product type to your store that you didn’t have before, don’t forget to add a Silo for the new product so it appears on your site!

4. Remove products

To remove products, select the Products In Storefront tab, and filter by product type and keyword. Select the checkbox next to the products you want to remove, and click ‘Remove from Storefront’.