Printing solutions for national film tours

Sell products for your film tour events. All under your brand, using your design.

Why film tours love Eventgroove Products

As a film tour organization, you will be able to control the design and branding used by promoters and venues nation-wide. Promoters love it because they can find all the print materials for their events in one convenient place.

Free setup

Our team will work with you to set up a custom site for your organization…for free! We don’t charge any fees for initial setup, or for any design services needed. We will work with you to set up your site, set user permissions, and security controls. You’ll select which products you want to offer on your site, and work with our design team to create custom templates.

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Under your brand

Maintain your organization’s brand and design for every event–big or small, across the country. Your branding will appear on the website as well as all the products on your site. We can create custom templates using your designs, or simply place your branding as the default image on the back of the Eventgroove ticket designs.

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Centralized control and reporting

Gain access to the admin site for reporting tools and user control.

Access detailed order history reports

Offer discount codes

Track order totals, products, and revenue share

View and edit user data, control access


Event management. Connect your event management platform to embed products from your print platform in your event creation wizard. Data from your event will automatically populate the products you select.

Social media. Link your social media account and post template designs directly from your Eventgroove Products account.


Custom API. We can integrate with your API in order to share user data, event data, product data, and more.

View a sample private label site→

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