General Questions

General questions

Does Eventgroove print or sell roll tickets?

Yes! Due to popular demand, we now sell roll tickets in red, white, or blue, with 2000 tickets per roll. If you’re looking for fast, affordable bulk tickets for carnivals or other events where you need to distribute a high volume of plain tickets in a short period of time, roll tickets offer an easy solution. Single roll tickets are great for games and gate control, while double roll tickets help you add a prize draw or other contest to your event.

Need to know more? Request a sample kit to experience our top-of-the-line tickets first hand.

If I order more than one ticket design at the same time, will all my tickets have the same barcode?

Yes, this is just one of the standard security features we offer to keep your event safe. Your entire order will feature matching barcode numbers, which are the same as your order number. Your order number will also be printed right underneath the barcode so you don’t need a scanner to verify the ticket authenticity.

How much do your online ticket templates cost?

One size just doesn’t fit all. While we offer all of our designs for free, the price for an online ticket template order varies. The cost of your order depends on many factors: the template you choose, whether your templates require color ink or black ink, the number of image uploads, your choice of stapling, the type of paper you select, and, of course, the number of tickets or other products you order. To get a feel for price range, click on the ticket you want to open a page with text boxes and options for choosing paper type, ticket quantity, and paper color. Changing these options will change the price of the ticket in the lower right hand corner accordingly.

Looking for the least expensive tickets in our gallery? Choose a black and white design!

Can I add my own logo to an online ticket template?

Yes! Our customers are unique, and we try to make it easy to customize our templates, so we offer plenty of online templates with space to upload your own image. Just type “image” into our search box and you’ll find many templates that should suit your needs. Remember that online templates cannot be altered: you can only add text or images to the available fields. Using our free templates is a totally automated process, which keeps our service fast and our products affordable. If you want to add an image to a template without an image upload box, or change the ticket in any other way, you’ll need a Custom Ticket order. Can’t quite find the template that suits you? Just email us at with your ticket details and we’ll provide you with a fast quote.

Can I add, move, or remove a line of text on my online template order?

You can leave a line blank on the online template, and that space will remain blank on your finished print product. However, since our templates are standardized and the process is automated, there is no way to add a line of text or to reposition the text without paying for a Custom Ticket order. Just visit our Custom Design order page for more information.

I measured the ticket on my screen and the dimensions do not match the labeled dimensions. How big is my ticket going to be, anyway?

The sizes of our customers’ monitors vary, but the sizes of our tickets have been standardized! The description on the template page will tell you the size of your completed, cut ticket. The image that you see while you are filling out the text fields for your tickets might not even be to scale. Your proof will be scaled to your computer screen, but the size may change if it’s saved and opened with another program. In other words, what you see on the screen is merely an image. The actual dimensions of your tickets are those written in the description, and they don’t change.

What if somebody uses Eventgroove to duplicate my tickets?

We’ve got a security feature for that! Each of your tickets will have a unique barcode and number on the back. The barcode conforms to the Code 93 standard which all barcode scanners can read. Unique barcodes and numbers are never repeated.

Will “my files” be available at all times? Can I use images uploaded for previous orders?

Repeat customers, rejoice! The images in “my files” are in your account and can be used at any time, whether you’re creating an online ticket or submitting a custom design to be processed.

If I liked my last order, can I make a few changes and reorder the same tickets?

Yes, we’ve tried to make it easy to reorder your tickets, even if you want to change them a bit. Simply click on “My Account” and go to your history. Find the ticket you would like to reorder, click on it, and then click on the reorder option button. You will see the screen where you originally filled in your ticket template, and you can make changes there before placing your order.

Where can I find templates without stubs?

Most of our online Event Tickets do have stubs. Your best bet, if you’d like a selection of stubless tickets, is to browse Coupons and Drink Tickets and adapt one of those templates for your event. Some people even let Invitations double as Event Tickets.

Will my online tickets be numbered?

We sequentially number all our Event Tickets, Raffle Tickets, Drink Tickets, and VIP Passes to keep your event secure! All you have to do is enter the first number in the line that says “Start Number”. If you enter “001” and order 250 tickets the numbering will go from 001 up to 250. If you enter “000” and order 250 tickets the numbering will go from 000 up to 249. For increased security, some of our customers choose larger, random numbers for their start number. This makes it much harder for people to create convincing forgeries.

Is the barcode on the back of the ticket stub scannable? Do you provide scanners?

Each ticket has a unique barcode and number. The barcode is scannable (code 93). If you need more barcode options, just check out our Design Your Own or Custom Ticket services.

Sorry, we do not offer or recommend scanners.

Can I add text to the back of my online template?

To save you money, we keep our online ticket templates standardized and streamlined. This means that the back of your online templates is actually set up for image upload, not text editing. But fear not! There’s a solution to every problem, and if you need to add text to the back of the template, you can just save that text as an image file. It’s not hard: set up your text information in a program such as Photoshop or Microsoft Paint, save it as a image file, and then upload the image to the back of the template. As long as you start designing the image at 300 dpi resolution for print size 3.5″ x 1.75″ you’ll ensure the resolution is high enough and won’t appear pixelated when printed. If you’re not sure about the quality, you can call our Customer Support specialists at 888 771 0809 to request a free physical sample sheet. We’ll ship it overnight at no cost to you and you can check the image quality out for yourself.

Can I use spell check on my online template?

By using your favorite spellchecker before you add that text to the template, you can ensure that your product has that professional look. Since we don’t offer the option of spell check on templates at this time, you can try typing the text into MS Word or another word processing program, spell check it there, and then just copy the text into the template lines.

I saved my ticket as a draft. How can I find my draft?

Just click on “My Account” on top of the page to sign in. Then click on the third tab from the right, labeled “Saved Quotes & Drafts.”

How many characters am I allowed on each line?

That depends on the template you’ve chosen. Each template features a unique design and layout, so the number of characters per line is different for every online template. Don’t worry; it’s easy to tell whether or not your text fits on the template. Just enter all your information into the ticket template and then click “View Proof” at the bottom of the page. If your text doesn’t fit, any lines with too many characters will appear in red on your proof. From there, you can go back to the template and make it work: either shorten the line or try to break it up in two lines, if the template layout allows for that. Remember that capital letters need more space than lower case letters, and vertical layouts usually allow for less text than horizontal layouts.

Can I change the font style, font size, color scheme, or template size on my online template order?

This depends. The standard font styles, sizes, colors, and sizes available for each template are preset: that’s just another way that online ticket templates save you money. They can’t be changed online because the ordering process is automated, which keeps our prices low. But, you can always change an online template into a custom order. For a little extra money, we’ll create the perfect ticket for your needs. Need a price estimate? Please call Customer Support at 888 771 0809.

I picked a template I liked, but then the price changed! Why?

It’s all about the features. The first price quote you saw was based on the least expensive options: colored paper with no frills. If you choose white paper, which is heavier than colored paper, it will cost more. Select colored paper and the price will return to the original quote. Adding stapling or your own image to the back of the template will also change the price of the order.

I chose a colored paper for my online ticket, but when I view the proof I don’t see it.

That’s because the proof only reflects the printing, not the background, so the paper color isn’t visible in your online proof. We print black ink on a colored paper; anything that appear white in your proof will be the color of the selected paper once printed. 

Can I order my online template over the phone?

We’ve completely automated our online system to keep your price low. Completing all the given steps (ticket information and options, shipping, and billing) online is the only way to complete an online template order. If you have any questions or problems while ordering, Customer Support is happy to assist you! Just give us a call at 888 771 0809.

Which paper type is better, smooth finish or semi-gloss finish? What’s the difference?

We’d like to think they’re both great! The smooth finish is a matte finish while the semi-gloss finish has more shine, so colors tend to stand out more with the semi-gloss finish. Other than that, both papers are a heavy weight quality ticket stock that make your tickets look professional, about the same weight as an expensive business card or greeting card.

What is your turnaround time?

So fast that sometimes we amaze ourselves. Usually, if you place your online template order before 3 p.m. CST, it will ship out from our facility the next business day: twenty-four hour turnaround! Place your order Monday before 3 p.m. CST, and it will ship out Tuesday. Remember, weekends don’t count, only count business days, so if you place your order Saturday, it will be processed as a Monday order and ship out Tuesday. For quantities over 5000 and stapled ticket orders, the processing time will be longer. Click here for more details about Quick Ticket Processing Time.

Once your tickets leave the facility, it’s all up to UPS. You can choose the option that best fits your schedule and budget: you’ll find a listing of UPS shipping methods on our Quick Ticket Processing Time page. You can also check out the shipping time map for UPS Ground.

Can I get a physical proof?

You can! Our digital proofs offer a good facsimile of your physical ticket, but if you’re worried about the quality of our online templates or an image you uploaded to your template, you can call our Customer Support at 888 771 0809 and request a physical sample for free. We’ll put your order on hold and send you one unperforated sample sheet, via UPS Next Day Air, at no cost.

Since we never start printing until you approve your proof, keep in mind that requesting a physical proof will delay your order. If you call after UPS Next Day Air pick up has left, we will not be able to ship the sample sheet the same day.

Once you receive your physical proof, please call Customer Support to either confirm your order or cancel it at no cost. If you are not satisfied with the proof, we will refund your money and you can make the necessary changes to your online template before resubmitting the order.

Can I get a sample?

We hope you will! We love to share. If you’d like to check the quality of our products, we’re always happy to send you a sample package at no cost. You can request a number of samples on our free sample page.

Will my online tickets be perforated?

Did you choose a ticket with a stub? Most of our online tickets are perforated, and yours will be too, as long as you choose a template with a stub. Is there a dotted line on your online proof? That’s where you’ll find the perforation on the tickets you order.

I clicked on “Continue” but I’m stuck on the same page. What’s going on?

You’ve either done too much, or not enough. Check the line that says, “Required: Start Number.” Did you enter a start number? It’s required! And it’s got to be a numeral. If you used letters or words (such as “no” or “one”) in that line, just change that to digits. If that’s not the problem, double-check that you did not enter too much text on any line. Too much text will result in a pink box indicating which line is too long, and will also appear in red on the proof.

What is stapling? Does it cost extra?

If your sales team is on the go, they might appreciate having items stapled into convenient booklets, which can make them easier to distribute. If you choose stapling, we will staple your tickets together in booklets of up to 10 items. Stapling costs a bit extra: to see how much please select the stapling option and choose the number of items per booklet. The price in the lower right hand corner will adjust accordingly.

Where should I staple my tickets: on the body or the stub?

That’s really up to you. The stub is the smaller portion of the ticket; the body is the main part of the ticket. Where you place the staple depends on how you intend to distribute the tickets. Consider which setup would best help your organization efforts.

What standard security features do your online ticket templates offer?

First, for your protection, we print the back of the online templates with a watermark that includes security micro text: usually, this faint and very small text will not show up when copied.

Second, each ticket has a unique barcode and number – never repeated. This comes standard on all our online templates at no extra cost.

Third, for extra security, we also offer high-security ticket stock which is heat-activated. Security paper features the message, “Security Paper, Do Not Duplicate,” printed at a 45 degree angle in heat sensitive ink. Applying a little heat by rubbing, blowing, or holding the ticket next to a light bulb changes the ink from light green to light yellow. Your ticket takers can see immediately whether the ticket is valid or not. Once the paper cools down again, it returns to its original color.

Fourth, consider the extra barcode options on our Design Your Own or Custom Tickets, or choose a Thermal Ticket, with UV printing (visible only under an ultraviolet or black light), pressure-sensitive watermark (activated when rubbed with a coin), and magnetic striping.

Lastly, sequential numbering on each ticket can help keep your event secure.

Can I make changes to my online template order after I placed it?

We are fast! Right after you submitted your order it was automatically printed. However, if you find you need to make a change after we have printed but have not shipped your order, we will refund your shipping charges and give you a 40% discount on your re-order.

I like an online template that includes a space holder for an image. What happens if I do not upload an image?

Nothing! If you choose to not upload an image, the background of the online template will appear where you see the image space holder.

I created a ticket using your online template but I also want to order Custom Tickets/Event Wristbands/Posters and Banners/Vinyl Stickers. Can I order them together?

Yes, you can order online tickets and custom products together. Ordering these items together will save you shipping costs but will delay the delivery of your tickets, since our custom products have a longer turnaround.

Since the ordering process is different for online and custom products please do not complete your online order. Simply create an account online and add the tickets to your cart. Please call our Customer Support at 888 771 0809 after entering your shipping and billing information online. Customer Support will start the custom product ordering process and finalize the order once all order information is received.

What is “padding”?

Padding is a method of binding which uses a fine layer of glue to fasten sheets of paper together, ie: tablets, booklets. The glue is clear and goes on the paper in a clean, smooth coating.

Why use padding?

Padding is an option for customers that don’t want to use staples to bind their tickets/booklets together.

Are there special guidelines to getting the best results out of your padded order?

Yes! Since padding uses glue, it is best to not leave it in a cold climate because it can cause cracking in the glue, or make it brittle over time. It is also not recommended to leave it in a hot car, or in a warm climate, because it will warm up the glue which could soften the glue and lessen its binding capabilities.

It is best to let your booklets acclimate to the area that they are going to be used in for 24 hours if they have been in hot/cold elements.

Can I print a copyrighted picture for personal use?

You can’t legally use someone else’s intellectual property without getting permission. Any reproduction of copyrighted material is considered a violation.

How to get permission to print copyrighted material?

  1. Find out who the owner is.
  2. Find out what rights you need.
  3. Get in touch with the owner and ask if they need payment.
  4. Get your permission in writing.

How to avoid copyright infringement with products?

You need to either own the content you submit, or have the licence to use, display, and resell it.

What happens if someone breaks the copyright or trademark law?

It all depends on the details of the infringement and the actions of the copyright holder or the trademark owner. Penalties range from receiving a sternly worded letter to time in jail.

What do I do if I want to use someone’s trademark?

You need to get permission from the owner and a license. If the owner gives you permission to use their trademark, you may have to sign a licensing agreement specifying the terms of any commercial and noncommercial use, as well as pay them a licensing fee.

Are there any circumstances that allow me to use a trademark without the owner’s permission?

You must always ask the trademark owner permission to use it unless you use the mark for:

  • informational or editorial purposes to identify specific products and services, or
  • if you plan to use it to provide an honest comparison of products.

Are famous quotes copyrighted?

Quotes are also considered intellectual property. According to the US copyright law, the legal rights to a quote belong by default to its author (or speaker).

Can I use copyrighted material if I give credit?

No, giving credit does not excuse you from copyright infringement. However, if you’re legally using someone else’s material, you should always cite the original source to avoid plagiarism.

Can I sell t-shirts with famous quotes?

If the famous quotes are from creative works that have passed into public domain, you can create designs with them. If they’re not in the public domain, you must get a licence for commercial use.

When can I use copyrighted material?

You can use copyrighted material when you have received the author’s permission and signed a licensing agreement to get the license.



Design Your Own

How can I number my Design Your Own ticket?

You can use the Serial Number Tool located above the template. The tickets will be numbered sequentially from the start number you enter. For example if you enter start number “001” and order 250 tickets they will be numbered from 001 up to 250. You can choose any start number you like. Choosing an unlikely start number helps protect you from ticket fraud.

Can I put more than one number on my Design Your Own tickets?

Sure! How many numbers do you need? You can add as many numbers as you want to your Design Your Own Ticket. Please be sure to use our Serial Number Tool. If you upload artwork that has a number already on it, that number will print on every ticket.

Can I add reserved seating to my Design Your Own ticket?

Yes! Click the “Import Data” button in the toolbar on the left side of the DYO canvas, and upload your reserved seating spreadsheet. Need help setting up your spreadsheet? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

How can I add a perforated stub to my Design Your Own tickets?

You use the Stub Tool to add the perforation. You will find the tool above the template. Place the stub anywhere on the template. Please be aware that, if you make the perforated line part of the design that you upload, it will not perforate; this will simply print a dotted line on the tickets.

Can I put more than one stub on my Design Your Own ticket?

Yes you can! If you need multiple stubs on your tickets you will be able to add them and position them where you want on your ticket. You can add up to 4 stubs. All stubs must be a minimum of 1″ from each other and from the sides of the ticket. If you need a horizontal stub it needs to be a minimum of .882″ from the top and bottom of the ticket.

Can I add a Stub to my Sticker?

We do not offer perforated stubs on stickers at this time.

Can I use one of your cool pre-designed online templates on the Design Your Own web page?

We’re sorry; there’s just no way to use a pre-designed online template with the Design Your Own tool. You can save money by using the standard templates as they are, or, if you want to start with a template, but need it customized, it’s time to check out our Custom Design services or call Customer Support for more information.

How much do Design Your Own tickets cost?

With unique tickets come unique prices! The cost of your Design Your Own ticket will depend on what you order, based on variables like quantity, paper type, stapling, and size. You can calculate the cost before you start designing by entering this information at the bottom of the DYO web page. The price will appear in the bottom right hand corner, just above the box where you can calculate shipping on the order!

Can I get my Design Your Own tickets stapled?

Of course you can! If you want to have your items stapled into convenient booklets, we do offer stapling, up to 10 items per booklet.

Processing times for Design Your Own tickets with stapling:

1 –   1,000 tickets: 1 business day to process
1,001 –   5,000 tickets: 2 business days to process
5,001 – 10,000 tickets: 3 business days to process
10,001 – 25,000 tickets: 4 business days to process
25,001 – 50,000 tickets: 6 business days to process
50,001 – 75,000 tickets: 8 business days to process
75,001 – 100,000 tickets: 12 business days to process
100,000 + tickets: 15 business days to process.

I’m not done designing yet, or I’m not ready to order. Can I save my Design Your Own ticket and access it later?

You sure can! It’s easy to save your Design Your Own ticket as a work in progress. Just click the “Save as Draft” button to save your work without adding it to your shopping cart.

When you’re ready to come back to your saved DYO Ticket Draft, simply select the account tab at the top of the website. After you sign in to your account, your DYO Ticket Draft will be available in the Saved Quotes and Drafts tab. Select the “edit” link to return to your DYO ticket.

Can I use my own image on the Design Your Own tickets?

Yes! Go ahead and make that ticket your own. The image tool, located on the left hand side above the template, makes it easy to upload a whole file or separate images.

How can I add a color background to my Design Your Own ticket?

The background option allows you to add a solid color to the front and/or back of your ticket.

What type of security options do you offer for Design Your Own tickets?

Aside from standard security features such as unique design, sequential ticket numbering, and detachable stubs, DYO tickets also give you the option of adding barcodes or printing on 100# Heat Sensitive Security Paper.

Security paper features the message, “Security Paper, Do Not Duplicate,” printed at a 45 degree angle in heat sensitive ink. Applying a little heat by rubbing, blowing, or holding the ticket next to a light bulb changes the ink from light green to light yellow. Your ticket takers can see immediately whether the ticket is valid or not. Once the paper cools down again, it returns to its original color.

We offer standard security microtext printed on the back and is FREE (no charge). The security feature is the logo with security microtext diagonally across. Security microtext is extremely small, and in almost all cases, will not be legible when copied. The security message is printed on the back of the DYO ticket, which means that, if you choose a double sided ticket, you’ll want to be careful not to print your image and text on top of it.

If you’d prefer to use the barcode option, this feature is offered on top of the Design Your Own tool bar. Our DYO barcodes are encoded using code 93, so you’ll need a device capable of reading that standard.

What are my barcode options?

You have the option of choosing either “Serial Number” or “Plain Text”. If you choose “Serial Number” each ticket’s barcode will contain different numbers (e.g. 001-250). If you choose “Plain Text” the same number will print on every ticket. (e.g. 12122012)

You have the option of changing the size and direction of the barcode with the rotating tool.

Our Design Your Own barcodes use code 93; you will need a device that reads to that standard to scan them. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t stretch or distort the barcode while you design the rest of your ticket. If you resize it, make sure it stays proportional, or it won’t scan. Make sure the area behind the barcode is white, with nothing else printed there. If there is color or text behind the barcode, it won’t scan either.

Can I rotate my image in Design Your Own?

You can rotate your image once you upload it. You will want to click on the image to bring up the image tool bar, then, by using the green arrows you will be able to rotate the image.

How can I make sure the barcode I place on the Design Your Own ticket is scan able? Do you provide scanners?

If you plan to scan the barcode, call our customer support at 888 771 0809 to request a physical proof to test with your scanner. We do not sell, provide, or recommend any scanners.

It is important that the barcode is not cut off or distorted. Barcodes printed over a pattern or text will not be scan able. If you are using the Heat Sensitive Security paper and print a barcode on the side with the micro text, the barcode will not be scan able. It is also important to keep the area white behind the barcode, making sure there are no patterns or colors to interfere with the scanning.

What file formats are compatible with the Design Your Own tool?

DYO can handle most common file formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP.

Can I resize my image on the Design Your Own page?

Sure, that’s easy! Select the image and drag the black boxes surrounding it to make it larger or smaller. Or, you can enter the precise measurements you’d like your image to be. Be sure to check the “lock proportions” box first if you don’t want to accidentally distort the image.

Can I add more than one line of text at a time in Design Your Own?

What’s the rush? Just take it one line at a time! The DYO tool, just like our standardized ticket templates, asks you to add each line separately.

How can I make sure that my Design Your Own ticket prints clear? Can I get a physical proof?

We print everything as clearly as possible! For best print quality please make sure that any images you upload are set up at 300 dpi resolution at the recommended print size.

If you are unsure about the print quality you can call our Customer Support at 888 771 0809 and request a physical sample at no cost. We will put your order on hold and send you one un-perforated & un-cut sample sheet, via UPS Next Day Air, at no cost to you.

Please keep in mind that this will delay your order, as we never begin printing until you approve your proof. If you call to request your physical proof after UPS Next Day Air pick up has left, we will not be able to ship the sample sheet the same day. Once you receive your physical proof, please call Customer Support to either confirm your order or cancel. There is no cost to cancel, we will refund your order and you can make the necessary changes to your Design Your Own ticket before resubmitting the order.

Why should I use the Design Your Own service? How does it differ from Custom Ticket service or the online templates?

It’s a great way to stretch your creative muscles on the job! The Design Your Own service is the optimal solution for you if you can’t find an online template that meets all your needs, prefer to do your own design work or have your own artwork.

Our Design Your Own service lets you start with a blank template and customize it by adding and arranging your own text, images, serial numbers, barcodes, and perforated stub lines. You can either upload the finished print file (except for numbers, barcodes, and stub line) or put the pieces together directly on the web site using our tools.

This gives you total control over the design and layout of your ticket, but still keeps the price very low. There are no limitations as how many characters you can use. DYO tickets upload directly to our printer for a quick turnaround.

How can I make my Design Your Own ticket bleed? What do the black, green, and red lines mean?

In printing “full-bleed” refers to color that goes all the way out to the edges of the ticket with no border. If you want your Design Your Own ticket to bleed, extend your background all the way to the black line.

The tickets will be cut at the red line. Extending the background beyond the cut line assures that there will be no white around the edges. Please keep all your important information within the green line. Text that extends past the red line will be cut off. Text that extends past the green line could be cut into or cut off.

Please follow the specification guides for your specific size template. The distances between the black, green, and red lines measures 0.1 inch.

Should I design my file in CMYK or RGB?

We print in RGB, so it’s best to design the file in RGB color mode. However, there are always slight color differences between the print file, the screen display, and the actual printed product. If you want to make sure the colors will come out right, please call our Customer Service at 888 771 0809 to request a free printed proof. We will put your order on hold and send you one un-perforated and un-cut sample sheet via Fed Ex Overnight at no cost to you.

Please keep in mind that this will delay your order. If you call after Fed Ex pick up has left we will not be able to ship the sample sheet the same day. Once you receive your physical proof, please call Customer Support to either confirm or cancel your order. There is no cost to cancel; we will refund your order and you can make the necessary changes to your Design Your Own ticket before resubmitting the order.

What is the maximum file size that I can upload?

Your files can be as large as 49 MB.

I am trying to upload my image but it won’t show up. What can I do?

Make sure that your image is in an accepted file format (TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP) and does not exceed the maximum file size (49 MB). If you are still having trouble please try to convert it to a different file format (from JPG to TIF or the other way around). Changing color modes may help, although the ideal color mode is RGB. If none of these steps resolve the issue, try using a different browser. (For instance, if you are using Internet Explorer try switching to Mozilla Firefox or vice versa).

Do I need to create my Design Your Own ticket differently if I choose the Heat Sensitive Security paper?

The Heat Sensitive Security paper has micro text in green ink on one side, usually the back of the ticket. If you add small text to the back, it might not be readable. If you have a lot of text or an image that covers the whole back of the ticket, it will be printed over the micro text and you will not be able to use the security feature to verify the ticket’s authenticity.



Ordering Process - Quick Templates and Design Your Own

I love your designs! Can I get other products, like Posters or Invitations to match my Event Tickets?

We’ve got tons of Event Kits that feature seven types of matching event collateral: Event Tickets, Raffle Tickets, Drink Tickets, Posters, Flyers, Invitations, and VIP Passes, all printed with the same design for a smart, put-together look. Search all of our Event Kits now. Or, if you’ve already found a template you like on our site, you can enter the design name, along with the type of template you’d like it to match, in our search box, which you’ll find in the upper right hand corner of every page.

My event won’t be very large. Do I have to purchase online templates in quantities of 250? What if I need fewer?

Actually, you can purchase online tickets in any quantity over 50. We’ve replaced our drop down quantity lists with text boxes where you can enter just the number of tickets that you need. Most of our online templates are available in any quantity over 50 items. However, Posters and Flyers can be ordered in quantities as low as 5. Since our per item price drops as your order gets bigger, in many cases, you can order more items for the same price.

My last order was just right. Can reorder the same template with a few changes?

Yes, we’ve done our best to make it easy to reorder, even if you need to make some changes. Just click on “My Account” and go to your order history. Click on the template you would like to reorder, and then click the reorder option button. This will take you to a page where you can edit the information you previously used. When you’re done, just add the item to your cart.

I’ve created my template, now how do I submit my order?

You’re almost there! Once you’ve filled out your template, chosen your paper type, stapling options, and order quantity, just click on the continue option at the bottom of the page. This generates your proof. Look at it carefully to make sure it’s exactly what you want! (If it isn’t, just go back and fix it.) Once you’re satisfied, please read and click the disclaimer and add the item to your cart. If you are not signed in yet, you’ll be asked to either create a new account or sign into your existing account. Click on continue and you’ll be guided through the shipping, billing, review, and checkout pages.

An automated email confirmation will be emailed to the address listed on the billing page once your order has been placed.

Can I cancel my order?

Once you complete your order, it is automatically printed. If you call before your order is shipped, we can refund your all of your shipping charges.

Can I order matching envelopes for Event Tickets, Gift Certificates or Invitations?

Yes! Check out the Envelopes page from the top navigation for all our envelope options.

Can I get fewer than 250 Design Your Own tickets?

You sure can. The default quantity is 250, but you can just delete that amount and enter as few as 50 tickets in the quantity field.

I made a mistake! Can I change my Design Your Own ticket after the order has been submitted?

We are fast! Right after you submitted your order it was automatically printed. However, if you find you need to make a change after we have printed but have not shipped your order, we will refund all of your shipping charges and give you a 40% discount on your re-order.

Shipping and Billing

Can I receive my order this Saturday?

It’s possible. Please call our Customer Support at 888 771 0809 before finalizing your order. We will verify whether Saturday delivery is available in your area and will adjust your shipping method if possible. If your order ships out Friday, Next Day Air may provide Saturday delivery. If it ships out Thursday, Second Day Air can also provide Saturday delivery. UPS charges an additional fee for Saturday delivery. We strongly recommend that somebody is present at the delivery location to sign for the package.

Can I change my shipping details after the order is placed?

It’s all in the timing! As long as your order has not left our facility, you can change your shipping address or shipping method. Please call Customer Support at 888 771 0809 to make changes to your shipping.

My shipping and billing addresses are different. Is that a problem?

Not at all! You can enter different addresses for your shipping location and your credit card address.

I’ve tried placing my order many times and I keep getting an error message saying my credit card is declined. What can I do?

You’ll need to call your credit card company.

Can you send me a bill? What other forms of payment do you offer?

In order to invoice you, we need you to fill in a short Business Credit Application and email or fax us an official Purchase Order. We can also accept checks or money orders.

If you choose one of these payment options, please add your items to your cart and fill in the shipping portion with shipping address and method. This will give you the order total. You can then sign out.

If you want us to invoice you, please call Customer Support at 888 771 0809 so we can send you the Business Credit Application (not necessary for schools). Please also email or fax us the official Purchase Order ( / 406 632 4781) and include the email address under which you created your account. Customer Support will finalize your order upon receipt of Business Credit Application and Purchase Order.

If you are sending us a check or money order you need to follow the above steps. After signing out, please mail the check or money order to the address below. Please include the email address with which you created your account. Customer Support will finalize your order upon receipt of check or money order. This payment method will delay your order, as we need the check or money order before we start processing your order.

P.O. Box 6934
22 South Central Avenue
Harlowton, MT 59036

Can I calculate shipping costs for my order before I check out?

Sure you can! Just select the template you like, enter the quantity you want, and type your zip code into the “estimate shipping costs” box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. A pop-up window will list available shipping options and costs.

If you want to estimate shipping costs for an order of more than one template, select one after the other, change the quantities, type in a start number, and add them to your cart by clicking on “continue”. Once all your items are in the cart, type your zip code into the “estimate shipping costs” box in the bottom right hand corner to open the pop-up window with available shipping options and costs.

We ship via UPS only and you can choose between Ground, 3 Day Select, Second Day Air, Next Day Air Saver, and Next Day Air.

How much will it cost to ship my order? How long will it take to ship my order?

Like so much in this world, it depends. Shipping costs are based on the weight of your order combined with the shipping method you choose. For your convenience, we’ve added a simple estimator to all our product pages, so you can get an idea of what you’re getting into.

If you want to estimate the shipping cost on an order, select your template, change the default quantity to the number of items you’d like to order, and enter your zip code into the “estimate shipping costs” box in the bottom right corner of the page. A pop-up window will list available shipping options and estimated costs.

If you need a shipping estimate on multiple items, select one after the other, change the quantities, type in a start number, and add them to your cart by clicking “continue”. Once your items are in the cart, you can enter your zip code into the “estimate shipping costs” box in the bottom right hand corner of the page to generate a pop-up window listing available shipping options and costs.

We proudly ship via UPS. You can choose Ground, 3 Day Select, Second Day Air, Next Day Air, or Next Day Air Saver. UPS Ground Shipping is the least expensive option, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for your order: anywhere from 3-6 business days. Need to estimate shipping time to your location? Click here for the UPS Ground map showing approximate shipping times between our printing facility and your town.

Where is my order now? Can I track it?

If you need to know where your package is right now, just sign in to your account. Using the “Track My Packages” box on the right side of the screen, you can find links to any orders that are in transit. Or, you can use the UPS tracking application. Every time we ship you a package, we send a confirmation email containing a UPS tracking number. Click here and enter this tracking number and UPS will tell you what you want to know!

Your account page also contains information about previous orders and the dates they shipped from our facility.

Can I ship orders outside of the United States?

Yes, we are happy to ship globally.

The only glitch is that our shipping cost estimator only works with US Zip Codes. To estimate shipping costs outside the US, add the item or items to your shopping cart and begin the check out process. The easiest way is to change the template quantity from the default number to the number of products you need and type in a start number before adding the item to your cart. Once you have entered your shipping address you will be taken to a page listing available shipping options and their prices.

What will I find inside my package?

Along with the high-quality, high-resolution print products you’ve come to love and expect from Eventgroove, you’ll also find an itemized receipt or a bill of lading listing the contents of the package.

Printed Tickets are shipped in banded stacks with a cover sheet on top that lists the ticket numbers in the stack.

Our shipping department works hard to ensure that your package arrives at its destination in the same condition that it leaves our facility. If your package is damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately at 888 771 0809.

Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?

You do not! Our state does not charge a sales tax and there will be no tax applied to the price of products shipped to the US. However, for shipments to Canada, we must charge the tax and brokerage fee for each Canadian Province.

Can my non-profit organization get a discount? We’re working for a really great cause.

And we’d love to help! We offer a 10% discount on all products shipped to non-profit organizations providing us with a valid federal non-profit ID.

Custom Printing

How much does it cost to have Custom Tickets stapled into books?

We base the price of booklet stapling on two factors: the number of tickets you’ve ordered, and the amount of work it will take to sort your tickets into stacks. If you need a rough estimate before you order, $0.14 per book is a good average.

To get a quote you can either call customer service at 888 771 0809, or email your order information to

How do you determine prices for Custom Ticket orders?

You and your Custom Tickets are unique, so we’ll base our pricing on those factors that make up your individual order, including but not limited to:

  • Quantity: Naturally, ordering more tickets will raise the overall cost of your order, but unit price drops the larger your order is. In other words, 1000 tickets will cost more than 100 tickets, but you’ll pay less per ticket on the bigger order.
  • Color: Color ink costs more than black ink.
  • Bleed: Full bleed tickets require special cutting, which costs a little extra.
  • Size: The more tickets we can fit on a sheet of paper, the more cost effective it is to print the tickets. Plus, if your tickets fit on the sheet of paper evenly, it reduces the time that we spend cutting the tickets.
  • Stapling: Stapling the tickets together in booklets adds to the cost.
  • Reserved Seating: There is a small collate fee for reserved seating. The fee depends on the amount of tickets in your venue.
  • Paper Type: Some of our papers are more expensive than others.
  • Duplex Printing: Printing both sides of the ticket adds to the cost.

Need a little more specificity? Try our online quoter or our quick estimator for an individual quote or estimate for your Custom Tickets. You can also email us with your order information or call Customer Support at 888 771 0809.

Does it cost more to print in more than one color?

Not if you’re printing digitally, and we are! We’ll print as many colors as you like and it won’t cost any more than printing one color. Black ink is less expensive than colored ink, so black and white tickets are less expensive than colored tickets, but once you’ve chosen color tickets, go ahead and print rainbows if you like! It won’t cost any extra.

When Eventgroove designs my tickets, who owns the artwork and copyrights?

If it’s designed by Eventgroove, it belongs to Eventgroove. However, if you’d like to purchase the rights to use the design, just contact Customer Support at or 888 771 0809.

Can Eventgroove design a ticket based on my logo or other artwork?

Yes, we sure can! If you have the usage rights to an image, we can turn it into a Custom Ticket. Just follow our file specifications for correct size and format (listed below) or contact us ( or 888 771 0809) for additional details.

Start with images at 300 dpi resolution at print size in any of the following file formats: JPEG, TIFF, or EPS. To design your own ticket, recommended file types are TIFF, JPG, AI (Illustrator), or PSD (Photoshop) with a high resolution (300 dpi). You may also want to let us know what fonts you are using. Please view our specifications page for more information.

What file formats work for Custom Ticket design?

Types of program files we accept:

  • Inkscape (.svg): Please convert text objects to paths to avoid any missing fonts. Please provide the names of the fonts used if we will need to use them for other aspects of the job (e.g. for numbering).
  • Photoshop (.psd): (Version CS4 or older) Please rasterize your type layers to avoid any missing fonts. Please provide the names of the fonts used if we will need to use them for other aspects of the job (e.g. for numbering).
  • Illustrator (.ai): (Version CS4 or older) Please outline all fonts to avoid any missing fonts. Please provide the names of the fonts used if we will need to use them on other aspects of the job (e.g. for numbering).
  • Publisher (.pub): We can’t use these files for printing, but we can use them to recreate your layout in our software. Please send any images or logos separately.
  • Powerpoint (.ppt): We can’t use these files for printing, but we can use them to recreate your layout in our software. Please send any images or logos separately.


Types of image files we accept:


  • PNG (.png): Recommended. A PNG should be 300 dpi at full print size.
  • TIFF (.tif): Recommended. A TIFF should be 300 dpi at full print size.
  • JPEG (.jpg): A JPEG should be 300 dpi at full print size.
  • EPS (.eps): An EPS should be 300 dpi at full print size.
  • GIF (.gif): Accepted but not recommended file type. A GIF should be 300 dpi at full print size.
  • PDF (.pdf) – We do accept these files.
  • In Design (.indd) – We do accept these files.

My event is going to be huge: multiple dates, multiple levels of seating, and multiple pricing options. I need multiple kinds of Custom Tickets! Can you do that? Does it cost extra?

Multiple ticket types? No problem! We can generate a separate proof for every different ticket type you’d like. We can even use different color schemes for different dates or levels of access, providing you with easy visual recognition. Because these are distinct tickets, we print and process each set separately to ensure the highest quality in both print and packaging. Pricing is slightly higher.

To get a quote you can either call customer service at 888 771 0809, or email your order information to

What are my paper options for Custom Tickets?

Custom Tickets offer the same great options as all our ticket templates! We can print full color or black ink on white heavy weight card stock (matte or semi-gloss finish) or white medium weight office paper (matte finish). The heavy weight card stock is about the same weight as an expensive business card or greeting card. The white office paper is slightly heavier than the regular copy paper.

We can also print black ink on medium weight colored ticket stock. Our medium weight ticket stock is about the same weight as a standard business card and has a matte finish.

In addition, we offer a heat sensitive security paper. This is also heavy weight card stock with matte finish, plus some extras for our customers who take a serious stance against ticket fraud. The message, “Security Paper, Do Not Duplicate,” is printed at a 45 degree angle, in a very light green, heat-sensitive ink. A slight rise in temperate, such as that generated by rubbing, blowing, or holding the ticket next to a light bulb or other heat source, turns the ink from light green to light yellow. Your ticket takers can tell immediately whether the ticket is valid or not! Once the paper cools down again, the message returns to its original color.

I’d like to avoid the madness of festival seating. Can you print tickets with assigned seating? How does that work?

All in a day’s work! Yes, we can print tickets with reserved seating (e.g. Section A, Row 1, Seat 1). We just need to know what the seating options at your venue look like. You can set up the venue yourself, with our user-friendly venue editor. Just download the app (under point 3), enter your details, and email the file to us. There’s no charge for this service! You can even incorporate different price levels (e.g. Main Floor = $15, Balcony = $20) or different areas (e.g. VIP, Premium) in the venue file.

Another option, if you prefer not to down the app, is to set up your seating in an Excel document, with the columns representing the different fields (e.g. section, row, seat).

Or we can set the venue up for you. Just email your seating chart or venue layout to

If you send us a print-ready file, please omit the seating information as well as the perforated stub line. Just send us an additional mock up indicating the location of the seating information and stub line. We need to use additional tools to print individual seating information for each ticket, and to perforate the ticket stub, rather than simply print a dotted line.

Do I have to send you artwork? Can you design a Custom Ticket from scratch? Does that cost more?

Our design team can create a Custom Ticket from scratch, incorporating your design ideas as well as any images or logos you may have. They can also use any online template background that you like, design a ticket using artwork that you send us, or combine all of the above. Designing a custom ticket from scratch doesn’t cost any more than our other Custom Ticket options.

What is the minimum Custom Ticket size? What sizes are available?

It’s your ticket: what size do you want it? Custom tickets can be almost any size, with a minimum of 1.7 x 2 inches. Typical tickets are 6 x 2.25 inches (non-bleed) or 5.63 x 2.01 inches (bleed), making the best use of our ticket paper.

Can I have more than one stub on Custom Tickets?

Sure, we can perforate multiple stubs on Custom Tickets.

I’m creating a print-ready file. How do I add sequential numbering, stub lines, and assigned seating?

We’ll add it for you! Please leave this information off the print file and send us an additional mock up indicating the location of the sequential numbering, assigned seating, or stub lines.

Can you print my custom Invitations, Coupons, Gift Certificates, Posters, and Flyers? Can they match my Custom Tickets?

We can print almost anything on almost any of our products. Depending on your needs, we can customize any of our online tickets templates, create custom print products using your artwork, or design your products from scratch. Our Custom Posters measure 12 x 18 inches, but if that’s not big enough, we can go larger! Just check our Large Format Poster and Banner page.

What are the security options for custom tickets?

In additions to standard features like individual numbering and unique designs, we offer a heat sensitive security paper for those who need an extra degree of assurance. This heavy weight card stock features a matte finish and a security message printing in heat-sensitive ink. The phrase, “Security Paper, Do Not Duplicate,” is printed at a 45 degree angle on one side in a very light, green, heat sensitive ink. Rubbing, blowing, or holding the ticket next to any heat source will change the color of the ink from light green to light yellow, for instant ticket validation. Once the paper cools down, it returns to its original color.

Please keep in mind that if you add small text on top of the security ink, your text will probably be illegible. In addition, printing a lot of text or a large image over the security ink will prevent you from using the security feature to verify the ticket’s authenticity.

We offer standard security microtext printed on the back and is FREE (no charge). The security feature is the logo with security microtext diagonally across. Security microtext is extremely small, and in almost all cases, will not be legible when copied.

We can also print scannable barcodes for an additional security measure. Please check with customer service to find out which codes we can print. If you choose the barcode option, we’ll send you a physical tickets sample so you can check the compatibility of our barcodes with your scanner. We do not sell, provide, or recommend any scanners.

Barcodes printed over a pattern or text will not be scannable. If you are using the Heat Sensitive Security paper and print a barcode on the side with the security ink, the barcode will not be scannable.

Can I get samples of your Custom Tickets?

Yes! We love sending free samples, because it gives us a chance to show off our high quality tickets. You can request yours on our Free Samples page. We will ship your request with UPS Next Day Air Saver at no cost to you.

Can you add booklets covers to my stapled Custom Tickets?

Yes, we sure can. We can add a front cover, a back cover, or both to your ticket booklets. We can even print both sides of the covers in full color on white card stock or black ink on colored card stock.

Can you staple more than 10 Custom Tickets together?

It depends: booklet size depends on the weight of your card stock. If you choose the heavy weight white card stock, 10 tickets per book is the maximum. For medium weight colored card stock, we can staple as many as 15 tickets per book. With the medium weight office paper in white, we can staple a maximum of 25 tickets in a book.

How can I submit my artwork?

With ease! If the file is 5MB or smaller, just your email it to Is your file too big? Here’s another option. If the file is over 5MB you can upload your artwork to “My Files” in your online account. Then select “have a customer support agent contact me about this file.” We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, within a couple of business days. You can always add notes to any files you upload. Plus, we’ll save your files in case you want to use them again in the future!

What is “My Files”?

For your convenience, we offer “My Files” as an online storage space for any graphics or logos you might want added to your custom orders. Configured to accept files up to 30 MB, with a maximum storage capacity of 100MB, it’s the perfect way to keep your important graphics handy for current and future print projects. You can even add notes to any files you upload, and, if you need to discuss your files before you order, you can just check “have a customer support agent contact me about this file” and we’ll contact you within a couple business days to go over any questions or concerns.

Why do you need to send me a proof? I sent you a print-ready file.

We just want to get it right! The proof is a necessary step for any product you order from, including custom orders. You’re not just approving the print file: reviewing your proof gives you a chance to make sure that all the details are perfect. You can make sure we’ve reproduced your image exactly as you like while you also verify quantity, size, pricing, shipping and billing information. If you’d like any changes, the proof email gives you the opportunity to notify us before we start printing your order.

I don’t like my proof. What do I do?

Let us know so we can fix it! Just reply to the proof email from to tell our design team about the problem and what you want changed. It’s no problem for us, and we want to make it perfect. Out design team will apply the changes, generate a new proof, and email it to you by the end of the next business day at the latest. Minor changes or mistakes on our side will generally be corrected the same business day. So please let us know if you’re not happy and give us a chance to make you happy!

Can you expedite my custom order?

It depends on what you order. Some products take a little extra time. We can usually expedite orders for Custom Tickets, Event Wristbands and Economy Stickers. We typically cannot expedite online templates, Vinyl Stickers, Large Format Posters, or Banner orders.

If time is of the essence and you need us to rush your order, please call Customer Support at 888 771 0809 as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to help. Order time is based on many factors, and we will try to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to expedite orders.

We can offer to cut the standard 3-business day processing time to two business days if you’re willing to pay an additional 25% of the order cost, or even to one business day for 50% of the order cost, although larger or stapled orders will still increase processing time.

Customer Support can provide the exact additional price for rushing your order, as well as the overall total, including shipping options.

I want to order some custom products and some online tickets. Can I order them together?

We can help! If you’re more concerned about money than time, it makes sense to order online tickets and custom products together: you’ll save on shipping costs, but your online tickets will take longer than usual to arrive, since our custom products have a longer turn around.

The ordering process is different for online and custom products, so please don’t complete your online order if you want to combine it with a custom one. Instead, create an account online and add the online tickets to your cart without checkout out. Make sure you’ve entered your shipping and billing information online and then call Customer Support at 888 771 0809. We’ll start the custom product ordering process and finalize the entire order once we have all the information.

Can I order matching Event Tickets, Event Wristbands, Stickers, and Banners?

We can match pretty much anything! If we sell it, we can probably make it match, whether you choose your own design or an image from one of our online templates. Our design team will work to adjust any artwork to fit the specs of the different items.

Can I cancel my custom order?

We begin printing as soon as you approve your proof. If you haven’t approved the proof, you can cancel your custom order at any time with no penalty. You can still cancel after approval, but we do charge a cancellation fee of $50.

Can I make changes to my custom order?

Sure, you can easily make changes to your custom order any time before you’ve approved the proof. Once you receive your proof from, just reply to the email and let our design team know what you want changed. We’ll fix the proof and email you a new one by the end of the next business day the latest. We do charge the credit card on file and start printing your order as soon as you’ve approved the proof, so if you need to make changes after approving the final proof, please call Customer Support at 888 771 0809 as soon as possible. We’ll see what we can do!

What is the minimum Custom Ticket order?

Are you expecting 50 guests? The minimum order for Custom Tickets is 50. Remember, the more tickets you order, the lower your cost per ticket will be.

How do I order custom tickets? What’s the process and turnaround?

We offer you a simple 5-step process:

  1. Generate or request a quote
  2. Place the order
  3. Approve the proof
  4. Processing
  5. Shipping

We’ve tried to streamline this process to make it as easy as possible for you. You’ve got three options for generating your quote: get a quote online, call Customer Support at 888 771 0809, or email your order information to Customer support will need 24 hours to generate a quote.

Ready to place your order? We’ll need all your order information, including artwork to the correct specifications. You can email everything to, or you can upload your files to “My Files” in your account online. We’ll also need your shipping and billing information. For your safety, please call Customer Support to provide your credit card information – email is not a secure channel for your personal details! We do not charge your credit card until you approve your proof, but we do need it to get the order placed.

Once you’ve placed your order, it’s proof time. Customer Support hands off your specifications to the design team. Our talented graphic professionals will generate and email you an electronic proof by the end of the next business day. Just look it over and, if it meets your needs, email us back to approve! One you’ve approved the proof and chosen a shipping option, we’ll finalize the order by charging your credit card and start processing your tickets.

We like to think we’re pretty fast: orders up to 10,000 tickets are processed in 3 business days, although larger orders or orders requiring booklet stapling may require a little extra time. Not fast enough? For expedited options, please call Customer Support and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Your order will ship from our printing facility the day it’s finished. Remember to add shipping time to processing time when you’re calculating how long your order will take to arrive. Depending on your needs, you can choose the shipping method that works best for you: UPS Ground, 3rd Day, 2nd Day, or Next Day Air.

What are the design specifications for image size on my print-ready files? Can you adjust my image if it’s not the right size?

If you can design your image at 300 dpi resolution at print size, we can make it work. It’s especially important to start with 300 dpi if you have text in you image. For non-bleed tickets (those with a white border), keep the image 0.17″ in from the cut size on all four sides. For bleed tickets (those where the color or image extends to the edge of the ticket), extend the background color or image 0.1 inch beyond cut size on all sides. Keep all text information 0.1 inch within cut size to avoid it being cut off.

If you want your tickets to bleed but have not extended the background, we can adjust it for you, as long as the background is a solid color or the image is in layers.

If you send us a print-ready file please omit sequential numbering, seating information, and perforated stub lines. Instead, send us a mock up indicating the location of these elements, and we’ll add them for you.


What are Event Wristbands?

You’ve probably seen these narrow paper or plastic bracelets at clubs, festivals, and big, crowded events. Our Event Wristbands are synthetic fabric bracelets most commonly used to keep your event secure. They are made from lightweight and durable Tyvek® material that will last as long as your event. Event Wristbands help your event staff makes quick visual identification of your patrons. It’s easy to customize wristbands any way you want.

What is Tyvek®?

We think DuPont Tyvek® is the best choice for Event Wristbands. It’s a unique, nonwoven material made of randomly laid and compressed high density polyethylene fibers. The resulting fabric is incredibly strong and really lightweight. Wherever durability and tear resistance are necessary, folks are adapting it to their needs.

Tyvek® is not paper. It’s a tough, waterproof, and durable fabric. Inkjet printers are the optimal printing technology for Tyvek® fabric. Therefore, logos and text printing on Tyvek® will have less brightness and clarity (for example, sharp edges) than laser printing on high gloss paper. However, printing on a Tyvek® wristband is durable and will not smear or rub.

Are Tyvek ® Wristbands the same as Vinyl Wristbands?

Vinyl Wristbands are made in a broad range of materials, one of which is Tyvek®. Our event wristbands are commonly called ‘tyvek wristbands’, as they are made of Tyvek® which is a durable, waterproof fabric. Vinyl wristbands are made from polypropylene. If you need even more durability and strength, or wristbands to last multiple days, try our Vinyl Wristbands.

Why is Tyvek® the excellent material for Event Wristbands?

Tyvek® is comfortable to wear, can resist repetitive folding and flexing, and is inexpensive to purchase in large quantities. These wristbands are quickly secured on a patron’s wrist, eliminating potential traffic jams as people line up to get into your event. A wristband will last well beyond the length of your event, even if it gets wet! All our Tyvek® Wristbands are also recyclable, as polyethylene is similar to plastic bottles. Visit the Dupont site for more information on recycling.

How can I manage my event with crowd control wristbands?

Our Tyvek® Crowd Control Wristbands are inexpensive, so you can order enough for everyone. Tyvek® Wristbands are also incredibly durable and secure: they stay on until they’re cut off, so your clients can’t transfer wristbands. This allows your staff to tell at a glance whether a patron has bought a ticket or whether it’s time to eject a gatecrasher. At large events with multiple levels of access, Event Wristbands make it easy to determine who belongs where. Using wristbands to identify guests over the age of 21 keeps your bar safe from underage drinkers! Wristbands for your staff and volunteers can keep the backstage area secure.

How are your Wristbands secure?

All of our wristbands feature tamper-proof adhesive tabs. Once attached, the perforated tab cannot be detached without tearing or destroying the band. If the band is attached snugly on the customer’s wrist, it cannot be removed unless it is cut off.

Our Security Wristbands feature a holographic foil label that is extremely difficult to duplicate, and provide a visual identification. Event Wristbands also feature individual numbering as an additional deterrent.

Can I get a sample?

You can and you should! We strongly recommend you request our Wristbands Sample Kit , which contains actual printed wristbands. As noted in the “What is Tyvek®?” FAQ, wristband printing on Tyvek® is different than normal digital printing on white paper. Click here to request the Wristbands Sample Kit . We will send it the next business day. Or, you can request the samples by calling our friendly Customer Support Team at 888.771.0809 or emailing

What are the various uses of Event Wristbands?

Most of our clients use Event Wristbands as proof of entry or ticket purchase to an event, or proof of ID verification for age restricted events or purchases. They can be used for music festivals, concerts, nightclubs, crowd control, all-inclusive resorts, conventions, parties, amusement parks, stadiums, camps, bars, hotels, restaurants, schools, day care centers, tour groups, crowd management, special privileges, catering, age ID, height restrictions, sporting events, or wherever else you need to sort and label your guests. Event Wristbands are convenient for any application where a visual means of identification is needed. Identify or verify your customer once and avoid the hassle and inconvenience of repeated verification.

Many clients order different colored wristbands to indicate prices paid for admission, monitor access to events or special areas, designate different colors for certain days of multi-day events, or identify special entry by VIPs, contestants, staff, or volunteers.

Can Event Wristbands be used as VIP Wristbands?

Of course! The uses of Event Wristbands are limited only by your imagination. Many people do find them useful as VIP Wristbands! Our VIP Tyvek® Wristbands can be printed with high quality and unique graphics that will show your commitment to providing each of your VIPs with the best experience you can offer. All VIP Wristbands are secure and comfortable, and they allow your staff to quickly and easily identify who belongs in the special access VIP areas.

What size wrist will they fit?

Our Event Wristbands fit pretty much any human being. The band is 10″ long, approximately 1″ of which comprises the adhesive tab. This allows the wristband to be attached around any wrist size up to a 9″ maximum circumference.

What are the design limitations with a Custom Wristband?

Think small. For the most part, Custom Wristbands can easily be printed with any design: just keep in mind that the printable area is roughly .85″ by 7″. Our wide, 1″ bands allow for a much larger area to customize than other wristbands. Since Tyvek® is not paper, but rather a strong, waterproof, and durable fabric, inkjet printers are the optimal printing technology and your logos and text may seem less bright, and the edges less sharp, than you would expect with a laser printing on high gloss paper. However, the printing is durable and will not smear or rub on the Tyvek® wristband, and your Custom Wristbands can be tailored to match your event’s custom promotional material.

Can you print Wristbands that match my Tickets or Posters?

Most likely, yes! Given that our Wristbands are 1″ wide, there is a considerable amount of space to work with. We’ll work with you and your design to print colors, images, and text that match your Tickets, Posters, and event branding.

Do my Event Wristbands come numbered?

Individual, sequential numbering is just another standard security feature to keep your event safe! You can select the numbering you wish to use on your Event Wristbands, starting at any number desired, printed anywhere on the wristband.

Can you print color or white text on my colored Event Wristbands?

Our digital printers can print in black ink on a colored Wristband, or print in full color on white Wristbands. If you need white text, we can offer you a workaround by printing a color background on a white Wristband. Keep in mind that we can’t print all the way to the edges. Event Wristbands measure 1 by 10 inches, but the printable area measure 0.85 by 7 inches. You’ll see white margins on the top, bottom, left, and right of the wristband.

How much text can I fit on my Wristbands?

There’s a lot of wiggle room here. The printable area of a wristband measures 0.85 by 7 inches, but there’s no character limit. Instead, the number of characters you’ll be able to fit on your Wristband will depends on the font style, font size, and layout. The less text you use, the better your results will be, as larger printing just stand out more, and is easier to read. If you really want a lot of text, we’ll help you adjust font style and size to make it work.

How will my Wristbands be delivered?

Wristbands are printed in sheets of 10. We’ll perforate the edges, so you can easily separate them yourself. Your order will arrive packed in boxes and stabilized with cardboard.

Can you print barcodes on Event Wristbands?

We’re sorry. At this time, we can’t print barcodes on Wristbands.

Can you print graphics on my Wristbands?

We sure can! For a small fee, we can print any kind of graphics on your wristbands whether you choose either a graphic from our image library or your own logo or image, save in a common file format at 300 dpi resolution at print size. As you consider design, just remember that the printable area of an Event Wristband measures 0.85 x 7 inches, which means your logo will be fairly small. Small text within your graphic will probably not be readable. Don’t despair! There’s a fix for that: in many cases, our design team can erase small text from the graphic. We can add the text in a larger font and print it next to the graphic, if you like. Please also keep in mind that inkjet printers are the optimal printing technology for Tyvek® fabric. You may notice that logos and text printing on Tyvek® will have less brightness and clarity (for example, sharp edges) than laser printing on high gloss paper.



Large Posters and Banners

At what image quality should I submit my Poster or Banner?

It depends on whether you’ve designed your Poster at full size, or have created a smaller image you’d like enlarged. In general, images saved at 300 DPI make for the best print jobs. Even if you plan on designing a poster at its finished size, it is ideal to have the images and file saved at 300 DPI to ensure high quality at 100% reproduction although, at minimum the resolution must be 150 DPI at print size. If you submit an 8.5″ x 11″ or 11″ x 17″ document to be enlarged, please make sure that the images are saved at 300 DPI or better to ensure a sharp resolution.

Can you print posters to match my tickets?

Absolutely! Almost anything you print on a Large Format Posters can be easily printed to match your Event Tickets, as well as pretty much any of our other print products. The reverse is true as well: Most of the designs you will find on our ticket templates for Event Tickets, Raffle Tickets, Invitations, and other event collateral, can be printed as a Large Format Poster or Banner, in any size. If the template design cannot be enlarged for a Large Format Poster or Banner, we can create one that will match the theme and look. Customer support (888.771.0809) can provide you with more details on either option.

Can you scale my files to become Posters or Banners?

Yes, we can! If your original is an 8.5″ x 11″ or 11″ x 17″ file with high resolution, we’re happy to enlarge your images. Remember that your finished prints may differ slightly from our standard sizes if we have to make adjustments to keep the final product proportional. But don’t worry! If exact sizing is and issue, just contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

What file formats can I send for large format artwork?

Almost any standard file format will do. Vector based artwork files ensure the best results at full size, but we also accept JPG, GIF, TIF, EPS, INDD, or AI.

What is your customer satisfaction guarantee on large format products?

We offer the same excellent 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our print products. If it’s not right, just give us an opportunity to make it right. We’re confident that we can provide you with the state-of-the-art Large Format Posters of your dreams. If we fail to meet your expectations for any reason, just let us know and we’ll be happy to reprint your order.

How can I mount my Posters and Banners?

Posters and Banners are meant to be hung, and we use the power of grommets to get the job done! Our vinyl Banners are tape hemmed for a finished look that also provides durability. If your print product is on the smaller side of the spectrum, we’ll add a grommet to every corner. For large Banners, you’ll have a grommet every two feet. Our indoor Posters, which are printed on Satin Polypropylene Film, also come with grommet mounts.

Are your Large Format Posters and Banners printed with UV resistant inks?

Indeed, they are! Many customers want to hang their Posters or Banners outside and keep them there for a while, so they’re all printed with solvent based, UV stable ink, which is super-durable and can resist UV degradation for 3 to 5 years. When it’s printed on vinyl, this UV ink is extra durable and able withstand any moisture or precipitation your climate might throw at it.

Do you require a minimum or maximum order for Posters and Banners?

You can order as few as 1 or as many as 50 Large Format Posters and Banners. If you need more than 10, it will take us a little extra time to process your order. We specialize in smaller print runs, so, if you need more than 50 Posters, it will take even longer.

I’ve got an image, but I’m not a designer! Can you design my Posters for me?

Of course we can! Just send us your artwork and we’ll do the rest.

What kind of print quality can I expect? uses state-of-the-art Mimaki inkjet printing technology, and we get remarkable results. This amazing machine can print up to 1440 DPI – we’re talking about unbelievable color matches, sharp lines, and vibrant images. We think you’ll be impressed!

Will you save my files after you print my order?

For your reordering convenience, we save everything for 5 years after printing. Whenever you need reprints, just let us know. You don’t need to resend any files; we’ll simply use your old files and recreate your original order.

How about media? On what material will my Poster or Banner be printed?

This depends on whether you order a Poster or a Banner, and the finish you desire. Posters are printed on paper, while Banners are printed on vinyl. Check out the differences among the different media below:

Paper Posters:

9.5mil Premium Gloss Paper is your premium solution for indoor use. It’s affordable, but more importantly, it’s simply stunning, allowing for the sharpest reproduction available. This media is ideal for high-resolution graphics and photo quality images.

9.0mil Satin Paper is also designed for indoors use. It’s the most affordable option, but it still offers excellent color reproduction and sharp imagery for high-resolution graphics. Plus, it really reduces glare for Posters that will be displayed under direct lighting.

Satin Polypropylene Paper is a specialty paper: an extremely durable media designed specifically for Posters that need to be tear resistant. Satin Polypropylene Paper is designed for indoor use, comes standard with grommet mounts, and is glare resistant, perfect for trade show displays, or any situation where you anticipate hanging the same Poster up hundreds of times.


Our Banners are printed on 13mil Scrim Vinyl. You get to choose gloss or matte finishes. Scrim vinyl media is waterproof, durable, versatile, and easy to work with just right whether you plan to use it indoors or outside. This heavy-duty stuff can stand up to harsh weather for a long time while resisting wear and tear. It’s so versatile that you can actually take it down, move it, and hang it up again over and over without fear of ripping.

13mil Scrim Gloss Vinyl is ideal for printing vibrant, multi-color images. The glossy surface is super-vibrant and incredible eye-catching.

13mil Scrim Matte Vinyl provides a warm finish that makes your images vibrant and beautiful. Matte finish reduces glare, so it’s perfect for display in strong light.

How will my Posters or Banners be delivered?

We’ll roll your Posters or Banners up and ship them in a sturdy tube.

What sizes are your standard Large Format Posters and Banners? Can I order custom sizes?

Our standard sizes are:

  • 18″ x 24″
  • 24″ x 36″
  • 30″ x 40″
  • 36″ x 48″
  • 36″ x 60″
  • 36″ x 72″

We can also make custom size Posters and Banners to your specification. Most of our large print products can be printed at a maximum width or 36 inches. The 9.5 mil Premium Gloss paper offers you a little more space and can be as wide as 54 inches. The maximum length for all media is 18 feet or 216 inches.

I have an image, but it’s not high resolution. Can you still recreate my design for a Large Format Poster or Banner?

We sure can. Just send us the artwork and we’ll find similar images or graphics. If you tell us which fonts you used, we can recreate the text as well. We’ll send you an electronic proof before we print it, so you can make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

How long will it take to print my Posters or Banners?

Once you’ve approved your proof, for orders of 10 or less, it will take about 3 business days to print your order, after which we will send it to you using the shipping method of your choice. Posters and banners over 48″ may require longer processing times. Just call Customer Support for more details!




I want to send you an image for my Sticker. What file formats do you accept?

If you’ve saved it (in a standard file format) we can probably print it! PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF, EPS, INDD, or AI files will all work. Just make sure that your files are saved at 300 DPI (dots per square inch) at 100% print size. This will ensure high quality production. You can email image files to, or you can use our My Files feature (found in your account online) to upload your files directly to our design team.

Will you save my Sticker files after you’ve printed my order?

For your convenience, we save everything! If you like your Stickers (and we think you will) and want to order more, just let us know. We can reprint Stickers from your original file and save you the trouble of resending it

Can you print Stickers to match my tickets or other event collateral?

Absolutely! In almost every case, we can easily print Stickers of any size to match Event tickets, Raffle tickets, or other print products offered. Just contact customer support at 888.771.0809 for details.

On what media do print your Stickers?

The best media for the job! Our Custom Vinyl Stickers and Bumper Stickers are printed on 4 mil gloss adhesive-backed vinyl, making them tough, durable, long-lasting, waterproof, and able to withstand years of wear and tear, perfect for the outdoors.

Our Economy Stickers are printed on white semi-gloss, permanent adhesive media. This media is also thick and durable, but, alas, not water resistant. These stickers will survive short-term outdoor use, but they are actually designed for indoor applications.

Can you scale my custom artwork files to become Stickers?

We’re happy to use your custom artwork as is, or shrunk to fit, as long as it is at least 300 DPI. Reducing image size to fit your Stickers is no problem.

Are your stickers UV resistant?

If you want to display your Stickers outdoors, just make sure to choose a product intended for outdoor use. Both our Custom Vinyl Stickers and our Bumper Stickers are printed with solvent based, fade resistant, UV stable ink, which will remain UV stable for 3 to 5 years. That’s pretty UV resistant!

Our Economy Stickers, however, are not UV resistant, as they are designed for indoor applications.

What if my order doesn’t come out right? What is your customer satisfaction guarantee on Stickers?

All of our print products carry the same guarantee: if your order isn’t perfect, we’ll fix it. We’re completely confident that we can provide you with the highest quality Stickers available, and we’re honor bound to guarantee that you’re satisfied with our work. If, for any reason, we have not met your expectations, please let us know and we will happily reprint your order.

Do Stickers come on a roll or are they individually cut?

We cut and band your Stickers so they arrive in nice, neat stacks, just begging to be distributed, one by one, to your adoring public.

What is the difference between Economy and Vinyl Stickers? Which one should I order?

How tough do your Stickers need to be?

Economy Stickers are printed on paper, making them just right for indoor use as inexpensive souvenirs, decorations, or promotional items. They come in 2 shapes, square or rectangle, and are cut with a crack and peel back. They may not be quite as tough and versatile as Vinyl Stickers, but the tradeoff is that they’re really affordable. Choose Economy Stickers if price is an issue. They’re a great way to spread your message quickly and inexpensively, and they still look great.

Vinyl Stickers are waterproof and printed with UV stable ink, so you can stick them in windows or outside with the knowledge that they’ll last a long time, with no fear of damage caused by sun or rain! They come in 4 shapes: square, rectangle, circle, and oval, with a “kiss” or die cut: the top layer is cut but not the adhesive backing. Choose Vinyl Stickers if you need your Stickers to hang around in inclement weather, providing advertising over a long period of time.

Are Economy Stickers low quality? Will my customers, fans, and friends notice the difference and judge me for choosing unprofessional Stickers?

No way! Economy Stickers save you money because they’re printed on and with materials that don’t have to stand up to the elements. Otherwise, you won’t see a difference in print quality. They’re still sharp, beautiful, and high resolution. Your Economy Stickers are printed with our state of the art digital printing process on 50 pound high gloss laser label media. Economy Stickers may be very inexpensive, but that doesn’t stop them from being high quality, durable, and professional looking.

What sticker sizes and shapes do you offer? Can you do custom sizes?

We’ve got all your basic shapes! Economy Stickers can be printed as squares or rectangles, and Vinyl Stickers can be square, rectangular, circular, or ovals. Check out this handy dandy chart for our full range of standard sizes:

Economy Stickers:

  • 3″ Square
  • 5″ x 2″ Rectangle
  • 4″ x 3″ Rectangle
  • 5″ x 3″ Rectangle
  • 5″ x 4″ Rectangle
  • 8″ x 3″ Rectangle
  • 10.5″ x 3″ Rectangle

Vinyl Stickers:

  • 3″ Circle or Square
  • 4″ Circle or Square
  • 5″ Circle or Square
  • 4″ x 3″ Oval or Rectangle
  • 5″ x 3″ Oval or Rectangle
  • 6″ x 4″ Oval or Rectangle
  • 9″ x 3″ Rectangle
  • 11″ x 3″ Rectangle

And, yes, we can print your Stickers with custom sizing as well. You can request Economy Stickers in sizes as small as 1.7 x 2 inches, and Vinyl Stickers can be printed in the adorably tiny 1×1 inch format.

Can you print my Sticker design on a clear background?

Sorry, but we can’t print clear Stickers at this time. Our sticker media is white, to best display all the other fabulous colors you’ll chose.

Can you design a sticker for me? Do I have to send you a print-ready file?

Our talented graphic design team is standing by to create your perfect Sticker, no matter where you are in the design process. Hopelessly mired in a creative wasteland? We can design your Stickers for you from scratch! We can also create your Stickers using any images and text you send us. Have a vague idea of what you want but lack the visual talent to bring it to life? Send us a rough mock up of your proposed Sticker and we’ll fix it up to suit your needs. No art skills to speak of? If you can describe the design you want, we’ll do the rest.

If you already have a design and want to send us a print-ready file, just make sure your images are set at 300 dpi resolution, with the print size recommended for best print quality. If you don’t have an image, or if your image’s resolution is too low, our design team can still use graphics from our image library. We’ll send you an electronic proof before we print anything. If it’s not what you want, you can always request changes before approving it.

Is there a minimum Sticker order?

We’ll print orders as small as 50 Stickers. The more Stickers you order, the less expensive each individual Sticker becomes.

Are your Stickers waterproof?

Vinyl Stickers are waterproof and UV resistant. They’re perfect for outdoor use and can really stand up to tough weather. Economy Stickers will hold up for a little while, but they’re printed on paper and are definitely not waterproof. If you’re worried about water, you should choose Vinyl Stickers.

I want to send you a print-ready file. What are the image size specifications?

Please send all images at 300 dpi resolution at print size. If you want the stickers to bleed (making the background color or pattern extend all the way to the edges of the Stickers) please follow these guidelines:

Economy Stickers:

Extend the background color or pattern 0.1 inch on all sides past the finish size of the sticker. Keep all text information and images 0.1 inch within finish size of the sticker (e.g., if you need a 3 x 3 inch square, the image file should measure 3.2 x 3.2 inches, but all information that can’t be cut off needs to fit within 2.8 x 2.8 inches).

Vinyl Stickers:

Extend the background color or pattern 0.2 inches on all sides past the finish size of the sticker. Keep all text information and images 0.2 inches within finish size of the sticker (e.g., if you need a 3 x 3 inch square the image file should measure 3.4 x 3.4 inches and all information that can’t be cut off needs to be within 2.6 x 2.6 inches.)

How do I know your Stickers really as awesome as you say? What if I want to see a sample before I buy anything?

We’re happy to demonstrate how great our Stickers really are. Need some samples? We’ll send you an assortment of Stickers we’ve made in the past so you can see for yourself. It’s totally free, including shipping via Next Day Air Saver. You can request your free sample here.

Does color printing cost extra?

It depends: if you order Vinyl Stickers, there is no difference in pricing. Color printing costs just the same as black and white. Color Economy Stickers cost slightly more than black and white ones, but the price for color ink includes full color printing, so you can have as many colors as you want!



Event Badges

What are Event Badges?

Our Event Badges are small cards printed on paper, card stock, plastic, or a synthetic material, which you can use to identify your guests. Really, they’re just like the I.D. cards you might already wear at work or school, but they’re so affordable that you can print up a batch for every occasion. They help you keep track of your guests (especially if it’s a long event, and you expect people to be coming and going throughout the day). They also help you remember everyone’s name identify and allow you to identify participants by name, bar code, or even seating designation.

How are Event Badges displayed?

Most people wear their badges like a necklace, on lanyards around the neck, or else clipped to the front of their shirt or jacket. We offer both display options: Plastic badges, synthetic badges, and heavy duty card stock badges can come with a lanyard slot and can be attached to a lanyard with bulldog clip and worn around the neck.

Do Event Badges really increase the security of my event?

They really do! Event Badges let you easily identify folks who belong in your event. Staff can tell at a glance whether they are looking at a guest or a gatecrasher! Event Badges can also work as highly visible Event Tickets. You can increase the safety of your event even more when you add security bar codes to each badge. This helps you to prevent fraud: just scan the bar code and you’ll know right away whether the badge is legitimate.

Security options for Event Badges include:

  • Unique design
  • Participants’ Names
  • Security Bar Codes
  • Magnetic striping (VIP Badge only)
  • Any identifier or variable data you can add to the badge with a CSV file.

Besides security, how can I use Event Badges?

Have trouble remembering names? Event Badges really work well as nametags. Need to stay organized? Add a designation on each badge that helps you easily divide your guests into smaller groups. Want to really put your badges to work? Print each one with all the data you might need: indicate varying levels of access, contribution, or participation. Event Badges are also a great way to help you advertise your sponsors, or even to showcase your own logo, or other visual work you wish to honor. Plus, they make interesting souvenirs.

You don’t need to wait for a big event to order Event Badges. Event Badges can also be used for everyday identification purposes on secure campuses or in anywhere all authorized personnel should wear nametags or official passes on a regular basis.

What materials are Event Badges made from? How do they hold up?

You can choose the material and durability that’s right for you! Paper Event Badge are made from 100 # cover stock, with either a matte or gloss finish, and we also offer a heavier card stock at 130 lb, a 30 mil plastic material, or a 16 mil synthetic stock. Plastic and synthetic badges are by custom order only.

Economy paper event badges are subject to wear just like any paper product, but the vinyl pouch will protect the badge from damage or wear while in use. Heavy duty card stock badges are heavy enough to punch a lanyard slot in. Synthetic badges are made of durable premium heavy weight 16 mil synthetic stock. The synthetic badges are waterproof and will not tear. Paper or card stock badges will work just fine for short events. If you want your badges to last a long time, you probably want to choose plastic or synthetic.

Can I get a sample of the different types of Event Badges before I choose my material?

Of course! If you’d like to examine some examples of different types of Event Badges, we offer our complete sample kits on our web site. You can also phone our friendly Customer Support Specialists at 888-771-0809 to request one.

How can I add images to my custom Event Badges?

First, decide what you want your Event Badges to look like. Already have an idea? You can use your own images, photos, designs, or logos to create your badges. Economy Event Badges and VIP Badges can be designed and sent to us in most standard file formats: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, GIF. Please extend the full color background .125″ on all sides, beyond the badge size of 3.375″ x 2.125″. If you have a legal right to reproduce any piece of art, we can add it to your Event Badges.

If you’re not sure what you want, the talented artists on our design team can create your perfect Event Badge. You can even match your Event Badges to any Event Kit you may have already chosen.

What other customization options are available?

It’s easy to customize Event Badges by personalizing them with each guests’ name. Just send us a .CSV file with everyone’s name and we’ll create a custom, personalized badge for each participant.

Can you print on the back of the Event Badge? What information should I put there?

Yes, our Event Badges can be printed on both sides. It’s always a good idea to add your sponsor’s logo and information to the back of your Event Badges. It’s great way to advertise your promotional help.

Do I get to approve my Event Badges before you print them?

Of course! After you’ve decided upon your design, placed your order, and provided us with any necessary files, we’ll generate a digital proof for you. It should appear in your inbox 1 business day after you place your order. We never print anything until you’re satisfied with the proof, so you’ll need to approve your electronically sent proof before we begin processing.

I’ve approved my proof. How long before I get my Event Badges?

Not long at all. Most badge orders will take 3 to 5 business days to process after final proo approval.

For blank lanyards and pouches, production times are as follows:

  • 250-1000: next day
  • 1001-2500: 2 days
  • 2501-5000: 3 days

For printed lanyards, you’ll receive your proof 1 business day after the order is placed. After approval, production times are as follows:

  • 250-1000 pieces: 6 days after proof approval
  • 1001-2500 pieces: 8 days after proof approval
  • 2501-5000: 13 days after proof approval

You will have several Fed Ex shipping options to choose from.



Event Programs

What are Event Programs? What do I need them?

Event Programs are printed booklets, brochures, catalogs, or pamphlets you can print in advance and provide for the guests at your events. They’re versatile and useful and they help you share all the information your attendees could ever need. If you’ve got lots of information you want everyone to know, Event Programs are an ideal way to share. Use them to clearly lay out the order of activities, list participants, or add special notes about your gathering or organization. They also make cool keepsakes for attendees. Event Programs are the perfect place to express your thanks to anyone who provided promotional items, donated funds, or did volunteer work for your event.

How can Event Programs help me?

Event Programs are the perfect way to keep things running smoothly. You can use them to provide schedules, descriptions, maps, and a catalog of other details that your guests will need, in a handy booklet format they can carry around with them all day. They’re a great way to communicate the organization of your event with introductions, steps, and duration of activities.

Nonprofit organizations can use programs to highlight addresses to which charitable donations may be sent. You can also use them to spotlight and provide thanks to participants, volunteers, and other worthy parties. Whatever you want to say will fit in an Event Program! They work equally well as reference materials for those looking for specific information, and as something to peruse during downtime at your event.

Event Programs can also help you make more money. Increase your sponsor rolls by providing advertising space anywhere in your Event Programs, just like an ad book! Selling advertising space is beneficial to you, your sponsors, and your guests. Plus, you can use previous years’ Event Programs to attract other advertisers in future years. Viewing a well-designed Event Program offers potential sponsors tangible evidence of the benefit of supporting you.

What information should I include in my programs?

It’s entirely up to you! The information you should include in your Event Programs, will depend on the type of event you’re hosting and the details you need to share, but many people use some or all of the following:

  • Introductory message
  • Schedule of events, including order and duration
  • Maps or diagrams of large venues
  • Catalogs of items for sale
  • Names of participants, speakers, entertainment, and special guests
  • Names of events and activities
  • List of sponsors, along with paid sponsor advertisements
  • List of volunteers
  • Additional interesting information about you, your organization, and your mission
  • Addresses for post office boxes or websites where donations may be sent
  • Additional interesting information about your event
  • Photos of relevant groups or individuals
  • Photos of past events
  • Calendar of upcoming events

How big will my Event Program be?

Welcome to the great balancing act: space considerations! Your Event Program should provide enough information without overwhelming the reader. Your font size needs to be large enough that the average person can read the print without squinting, but you’ll want to keep it small enough to allow room for all of your details. Contact our Customer Support Specialists at 888.771.0809 for advice once you have compiled your information and they can advise you regarding the best length for your programs.

Our shortest Event Program is 4 pages. (Front cover is page 1, inside cover is page 2, inside back cover is page 3, and back cover is page 4.) We can print brochures up to 64 pages long. You can choose from two sizes: 8.5″ x 5.5″ or 8.5″ x 11″

Our programs are printed on both sides of the paper.

How are Event Programs bound?

We’ll create our Event Programs as single fold documents (a single fold refers to one fold, directly in the center of the printed sheet, meaning a single sheet translates into a 4-page Event Program) so 4-page programs will not be bound. Single fold programs are perfect for small events such as music or dance recitals, school plays or concerts, community variety shows, or other short, local events.

Larger Event Programs will be bound with a saddle stitch: a thin wire seam. Remember: the single fold style means that the number of pages in your booklet will be divisible by 4!

What images can I include in my Event Programs?

You can add pretty much any design to your Event Programs. Just choose a look and we’ll run with it! Our expert Graphic Designers can use your custom images to match your event and make your guides unique and relevant to your organization or gathering. Design time starts at $35 per hour for a 4-page document; call customer service for quotes on larger order. In selecting images, choose 300 dpi resolution in a common format: PDF, JPEG, GIF, or TIFF are acceptable file formats. We can also use the artwork from tickets or other printed templates you have ordered from us. Any image you have a legal right to reproduce can be added to your programs.

How can inspect the quality of your products before I purchase my programs?

Easily! Just phone our friendly Customer Support Specialists at 888-771-0809 to request a free sample of our Event Programs.

Can I see what my Event Program will look like before you print it?

We ask our customers to approve an electronic version of their proof before we begin processing anything, and we never begin printing until you’re satisfied with the proof. It’s got to be right before we start! Proofs usually take a day or two to create, depending on how much design and layout work your Event Program requires. If you a want a printed proof, we’re more than happy to send it via Next Day Air. Remember, this will delay the start of processing by at least one business day.

How long will it take to design, print, and ship my Event Programs?

Not that long! If your program, booklet, catalog, or brochure is already designed, the proof will be available in 1 business day. If our graphic artists design and lay it out for you, the proof phase takes up to four business days. In this time, we will create your digital proof and email it to you.

Once you approve the proof, we’ll begin processing. Programs that are 4 pages long, with orders of 5000 or less, will ship on the 4th business day after approval. Larger print runs, or programs of 8 to 32 pages, with orders of 10,000 or less, will ship by the 6th business day after approval. More questions? Just call 888-771-0809 and our friendly customer service reps will tell you what you need to know.

For your convenience, you can choose your shipping preference. Standard Ground Shipping is available, or, if time is an issue, you can pay for 2 day or even overnight shipping. We’ll provide your shipping quotes upon request.



Sales Tax

Why is does my order have a Sales Tax applied?

We collect sales tax in accordance with state laws, based on the Ship To address. We do not benefit from the collection of sales/use tax and we remit collected tax directly to the taxing jurisdiction.

I am a reseller and tax exempt. How can I purchase without paying tax?

Please send us your exemption certificate. Once validated (24-48 hrs) we retain the certificate on file. Your purchases now and in the future will be honored as exempt from tax.

I am a non-profit and not required to pay sales tax. How can I purchase without paying tax?

Please send us your exemption certificate. Once validated (24-48 hrs) we retain the certificate on file. Your purchases now and in the future will be honored as exempt from tax.

I already paid Sales Tax but have an Exempt Certificate. Can I get a refund for the Sales Tax?

Yes, please send us your exemption certificate and order number. Once validated (24-48 hrs) we will refund the sales tax. We will also retain the certificate on file and your purchases now and in the future will be honored at exempt from tax.



Merchandise - Design

How does my image file affect the print job?

The quality of your product depends on the print file you submit. Some of the things you must keep in mind are: Maximum size of print area depends on the product you choose.

What are the image resolution requirements?

For most products, your print file has to be at least 150 DPI (dots per inch) to ensure optimal print quality. There are, however, some products that require 300 DPI. Resolution is very important. If a low-resolution file that’s scaled up is printed, the design would be blurry and pixelated.

What type of file should I use?

Accepted print file formats: PNG, JPEG

Can I fix my image resolution?

You may think that enlarging the print file size, or increasing its DPI will solve the problem. But the root of the problem is that you’re still submitting low-quality image. Even 300 DPI doesn’t guarantee a quality print if you use a low-quality file in the first place.

Can I have a background in my image?

Avoid using background unless it’s a part of your design – this is especially important for the designs you want to print on apparel.

If you’re printing design with a black background on a black garment, you’ll be left with a greyish rectangle around your design.

Will the product I order affect the print quality?

Every product has a different texture and feel when printed. Think about what the print’s going to be, and whether or not it will look good on that specific product.

Remember that your designs will also look slightly different depending on the fabrics and fabric blends you print on. For example, as a rule of thumb, ink is more spread out and looks more faded on sweatshirts than t-shirts since it’s made from a thicker fabric.



Merchandise - Delivery

When will I get my order?

It takes 15-20 days to fulfill an order (due to Covid-19 delays), after which it is shipped out. The shipping time depends on your location, but can be estimated as follows:

  • USA: 5-​8 business days.
  • International: 10-20 business days.


Will I be charged customs for my order?

Additional customs and tax fees can occur on international orders. This fee is not in our control and is assessed by your local customs office. Customs policies vary widely for every country so please check with your local customs office directly to see if they apply duties and taxes to your purchases.

My order should be here by now, but I still do not have it. What should I do?

Before getting in touch with us, please help us out by doing the following:

  • Check your shipping confirmation email for any mistakes in the delivery address.
  • Ask your local post office if they have your package.
  • Stop by your neighbors in case the courier left the package with them.

Pro tip: Package theft is on the rise—​If you are expecting a home delivery and you know you will not be home to accept it, use an address where you know you’ll be!

If the shipping address was correct, and the package was not left at the post office or at your neighbor’s, get in touch with us at with your order number.



Merchandise - Orders

How do I track my order?

If your shipping method includes tracking, you will receive a tracking link via email when your order ships out. If you have any questions about your tracking or shipment, you can reach out to us at

I received a wrong/damaged product, what should I do?

We are so sorry if the product you ordered arrived damaged. To help us resolve this for you quickly, please email us at within a weeks’ time with photos of the damaged product, your order number, and any other details you may have about your order. We will get back to you with a resolution as soon as possible!



Merchandise - Returns

What is your return policy?

Returns and exchanges are not offered, but if there is something wrong with your order, please let us know by contacting us at!

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are only offered if you receive the wrong items or damaged items. If this is the case, please contact us at with photos of wrong or damaged items and we will investigate right away.

Can I exchange an item for a different size/color?

We currently do not offer exchanges.

If an item you ordered was mislabeled, please let us know by emailing within a week of receiving your order. Include your order number and photos of the mislabeled item, and we will send you a new one, or issue a refund!