Create your own e-commerce store in 10 minutes


Flexible online store, under your brand.

Eventgroove Products offers an e-commerce solution that allows you to create your own custom online store in minutes. You can choose to resell the Eventgroove library of professionally designed templates, or create your own from scratch. Your customers will be able to customize the details on each template for their event, and Eventgroove will handle all fulfillment. 

Private label product site

What’s in it for you?

  • 20% revenue share. Our accounting team will calculate and send your 20% net revenue share every quarter.
  • Stay on-brand. Customize the branding across your site and products.
  • Free signup. No ongoing fees. Eventgroove only makes money when you do! When a customer places an order on your site, Eventgroove sends you 20% of the profit.
  • Simple, easy fulfillment. Eventgroove prints and ships every order placed on your site.

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