Find out how to add a live video stream to your fundraiser.

You can now add live-streamed video to your Eventgroove Fundraising campaign using YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live or Vimeo! Live-streamed video is useful for allowing viewers to follow along during:

  • Live galas and events— Showcase speakers, awards, and entertainment live while viewers bid on auction items and enter your raffle.
  • Live A-Thons — Stream live from your pushup-a-thon, spelling bee, or other contest to generate interest among your donors.
  • Live raffle/sweepstakes drawings — Capture viewers’ attention as you show the drawing of winners in real time.
  • Live sales— Walk your audience through the products available for sale and explain how their support will make a difference.

Why should I live stream

Holding a fully virtual fundraiser or adding a virtual element to your in-person gathering can help you reach a broader audience and increase the number of people who donate. It serves as another way to engage donors who would not otherwise be able to attend the event, whether due to their location or your event’s capacity restrictions.

Online attendees can donate, bid, enter, and spread the word about your fundraiser. When people feel like they have an opportunity to truly be a part of your event, they are more likely to give.

The campaign page will let your supporters know when you’ll be streaming. Page visitors will know that there is going to be a live stream and when it will start. You can hold as many live streams during your campaign as you like (generally at different days, times, or for different parts of an event). You won’t be limited to one live stream per campaign, nor will you have to wait until the “live stream date” that shows on your fundraiser page; you can always start another stream earlier.

When you start any live stream, you can opt to automatically send an email to your supporters, donors, and anyone else participating in the campaign to let them know a live stream is starting.

How to add a live stream

  1. Set up a live stream on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or Vimeo

Click the links below to learn how you can set up a live stream video on any of the supported live stream services. You’ll only need to choose one, so you can explore these platforms and select the best option for your campaign.  

Once you set up a live stream on one of these services, you’ll get a link for it. When starting your live stream on Eventgroove Fundraising, we’ll ask you for that video link. Simply copy and paste it into Eventgroove Fundraising.  

  1. Enable a live stream on your Eventgroove Fundraising campaign
  2. Click on My Campaigns the left menu.
  3. If you have chosen list view, click on the title of your campaign. If you have chosen grid view, click on the campaign image.
  4. Click Edit Campaign*.
  5. Click Basics in the timeline at the top and scroll down to this box.

5. Check the box next to ‘Allow me to stream live video on my fundraiser page.

6. Enter the time that the live stream will begin. This will display on the campaign page to inform donors.

7. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

8. Start a live stream on your campaign

9. Click on My Campaignsin the left menu.

10. If you have chosen list view, click on the title of your campaign. If you have chosen grid view, click on the campaign image.

11. From the campaign management menu, click Start Live Stream.

12. Enter the linkfrom your live stream service.

13. By default, an email is sent to donors, participants, and viral sharing promoters as long as an email address for each is entered. Add customized text for the email in the box provided if you would like to add a personal message.

14. Click START LIVE STREAM to begin the event.

4. End a live stream

  1. Click on My Campaigns in the left menu.
  2. If you have chosen list view, click on the title of your campaign. If you have chosen grid view, click on the campaign image.
  3. From the campaign management menu, click End Live Stream.
  4. In the pop-up that appears, click END LIVE STREAM to confirm.