Learn how to size and format the images you upload to your campaign banner.

If you’re uploading an image to your campaign banner, you’ll find that there are recommended sizes to ensure visual quality. These recommendations depend on which design option you selected in setup. 

Here are the recommended image sizes for each design option:

  • Simple design option: 1340 pixels wide by 754 pixels high (1340×730)
  • Advanced design option: 1920 pixels wide by 730 pixels high (1920×730)

An image uploaded in the recommended size for your chosen design option will ensure your campaign image is high-quality and fully visible on devices of all sizes. Discover a few additional tips for producing the best results for each design option below.

With the simple design option, your images will look great regardless of the size of screen or device that your campaign is viewed on. Following the recommended guidelines of 1340×730 will produce quality results like the image below: 

Although 1920×730 is the recommended image size for the advanced design option, your fundraising page is also responsive. This means that it automatically adapts to the size of screen the person is viewing it on. For screens smaller than 1920×730, images will be cropped on the sides as the site “responds” to the size of the screen. This is done to retain the overall look of the page (including your buttons, title, countdown timer, and more) on a wide variety of screen sizes. 

As a result, there’s a general rule of thumb to follow when formatting images for the advanced design option: Simply format your images in such a way that all “main” content of the image fits within the center 1170 pixels of the entire 1920-pixel-wide image. Anything within this 1170-pixel-wide “safe zone” will not get cropped, even on smaller screens. 

Here’s a diagram illustrating the “safe zone:”

The green box represents the 1170-wide area at the center of the image. Everything in your image that falls within this green “safe zone” will be visible to everyone who visits your page – no matter which type of device they’re using. For this reason, any critical aspects of your image should fall within this section.

The red box in the image above shows the full, 1920-pixel-wide image which we recommend you upload. Users with a large enough screen or device will see everything inside the red box.