By default, your campaign will use the URL

You can use a different URL for a specific campaign by setting up a custom domain, like or anything you’d like.

This is different from your organization account’s custom domain. A campaign custom domain allows you to set a “one-off” custom domain for a single campaign, which is useful if you need to differentiate it from your overall account’s custom domain.

Follow the steps below to set up a campaign with a custom domain.

1. Register a custom domain name

Below is a list of popular services for checking the availability of and registering your new domain name. Any of these websites will guide you through the process of finding a domain name that’s open for use, then registering your domain when you’ve found a name that is available. Pick one you’d like to use, register your custom domain name with them, and then move to step 2 when you’re done.

2. Set up a URL forward

Once you have a registered domain, you’ll need to set up a URL forward. A URL forward makes it so that when someone types in your custom URL, it automatically forwards them to your Eventgroove Fundraising campaign. 

NOTE: You’ll need to know your Eventgroove Fundraising campaign URL for the next step. If you don’t know what your campaign URL is, just open your campaign page and copy the link in your address bar.

We’ve compiled a list of help articles on how to set up a URL forward for popular domain hosting services:

If your domain provider isn’t listed above, just do a Google search for “[domain provider name] domain forwarding” where you replace “[domain provider name]” with the name of your domain provider, such as GoDaddy or You should be able to find an easy help article from their site on how to complete the process.

3. Verify that your campaign custom domain is working

Once you’ve completed step 2, you can verify that everything is working correctly by just typing in your custom domain into your browser’s address bar and navigating to it. 

If you see your Eventgroove Fundraising campaign page after doing so, you’re all done!

If you aren’t able to complete step 3, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you’ve correctly set up your URL forward to forward to your Eventgroove Fundraising campaign URL. 
  • Make sure you have the right campaign URL. Open your campaign page and copy the URL you see in your address bar to ensure there are no mistakes.