Viewing all your ticket sales has never been easier. Simply navigate to the “Ticket Orders” section on your event dashboard. This section allows you to view all the attendees who have bought tickets to your event.

From this section, you have the option to print or export a list of your orders. This list will double as a guest list. To download a list of ticket orders as a PDF simply click the large blue Download button. Once you download this PDF you can save it in your records for quick reference. To export your ticket orders simply click the “Export to CSV” link. This will allow you to export and then manage your ticket orders in excel. Remember to change the to a standard excel format when you save so you do not lose all of the formatting. If you would like to quickly and easily print the list of ticket orders simply click the “print list” icon. This icon will take you to a print screen that allows you to easily print a list of the ticket orders.