Eventgroove gives all event hosts the option to enable ticket buyers to print their tickets prior to arriving at the event. As a ticket buyer, the print-at-home tickets will arrive in your email inbox shortly after your purchase is complete. The email will have information about your purchase and direct you to print the attached PDF file. This PDF attachment is the actual ticket you need to bring to the event. You will not be required to print out any content from the email. Additionally, you do not need to worry about color printing, our print-at-home tickets work in color and in black and white. Outlined below are three common areas where ticket buyers need help.

What if I ordered Multiple Tickets

If you ordered multiple tickets when checking out at Eventgroover then you will receive one email with multiple tickets attached to it. You are required to print out each of these tickets. The ticket holder (i.e. the name on the tickets) will need to be present for all tickets when checking in.

Cannot Find the Print-at-Home Email

If you cannot find your email be sure to check your junk folders and wait a few hours for the email to be processed. If your print-at-home email still does not show up in your email inbox, then your print-at-home ticket can be resent. Both of your print-at-home tickets will be identical which means you will not be able to use the same ticket more than one time. To get a print-at-home ticket sent to you again, contact your event host and ask them to resend it. If they are unsure how to resend a ticket please direct them to how to resend a print-at-home ticket. If you are still having trouble getting a print-at-home ticket call our friendly customer support team.

Trouble with Printing

If you are having trouble printing your ticket, you should contact your event host and ask them how they would like to proceed. In most situations, the event host will allow you to check-in at the gate using your photo id. If you have the ability you can also prove your purchase by showing the confirmation email at the gate.