How would you like online ticket buyers to receive their tickets? Eventgroove enables you to create a will-call list or send a print at home ticket to online ticket purchasers.

Will call
If you select the will-call option, guests will automatically receive an email receipt after their purchase. The receipt requests ticket buyers check in to the venue will call gate with valid ID to receive their tickets. Eventgroove will provide you with a printable guest list showing each ticket buyers full name, email address, and number of tickets purchased. You should print this list prior to the event so you are ready to check-in attendees at your will-call gate. Click to view more information about the guest lists.

Many hosts choose to distribute printed tickets to attendees at will-call so all guests receive the same ticket regardless of how they purchased (online or offline). Many event hosts also decide to end sales a day or a few hours before the event so they have enough time to organize the guest list. Follow this link to learn more about setting ticket sale start and end dates. You have the option to print a batch of high-quality customized tickets for offline sales and will call distribution for online sales. For more information about printed tickets, please visit Eventgroove Products.

Print at home
If you select the Print At Home fulfillment option, guests will automatically receive an email confirmation which includes printable tickets in an attached PDF file. These can be printed on any standard printer by the attendee. Each ticket will contain the attendees name, a unique ticket number, and a QR code for added security. If an attendee is unable or forgets to print their tickets, they will still appear on your guest list for so you can issue them a ticket at the gate if needed. Print at home tickets are a great selection for nonprofit or fundraising events. If security is a serious concern for your event, the will call option may be a more appropriate choice. However, you can rest easy knowing the print at home tickets are very difficult to replicate.

What does a Print at Home Ticket look like?
How do I resend a Print at Home Ticket?

Both Selections
If you check both fulfillment options, the attendee will have the option to choose their fulfillment option during checkout.