How to add your event venue information or select a saved venue if you have created a previous event on Eventgroove.

Your venue address will be displayed on your event page. When you enter your venue information, you will also have the option to show a Google map on your event page (recommended). If you are unsure about whether or not you need reserved seating please refer to the section below.

Important to note: Once you have started ticket sales and sold tickets to your event you will not be able to edit the venue information. We recommend double-checking your venue information before proceeding.

Create a venue

Creating a new venue is simple because all you need is the name, address, and capacity. When choosing the capacity for the venue it is important to keep in mind you also have the option to choose the number of tickets on sale. If you are unsure of the capacity we recommend setting the capacity to be unlimited. This gives you the flexibility to set limits on your ticket types.

Reserved Seating

Most events on Eventgroove can be handled without reserved seating sections. Many Eventgroove hosts find it is easier to handle seating sections by setting up a standard seating venue and adding a ticket type for each section. If you have several ticket types available for sale in each seating section, it may be more appropriate to create a reserved seating venue. If you know you need to create a reserved seating venue, please send all your venue information, including a layout, to our friendly customer support team so it can be configured (email requesting reserved seating). Ticket sales may not be started until your venue has been configured by our staff (2-3 days).

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