This section gives you the option to specify whether you are holding a single performance or a series of performances.

Single Performance

If your event has only one performance, simply fill in the start date, time, and duration; then continue on to “Create or select a venue.”

Multiple Performances

If you are hosting a series of performances, click on “Add performance” and specify details for each performance. For example, say you are hosting a music festival featuring three different performances on three different nights. Click on “Add performance”, specify who is performing each night, and provide details for each performance. Be sure to click the large blue save button to continue on to the next section. Once you have finished the performances will show up in an ordered list.

Editing Your Performances

Editing the details of your performances could not be easier. Simply click the blue edit button associated with the performance and make any necessary changes. To cancel an event simply click the cancel button next to the edit button for the correct performance.