What it does

Several event hosts have asked for restricted ticket types for their events. Restricted tickets are  also known as “early-bird” tickets or “tickets with unlock codes.”

Restricted tickets will remain invisible to ticket buyers unless they present a special code when accessing the event page. Once the unlock code is entered, a special ticket link is created to send buyers to the event page with access to the restricted tickets.

How to set unlock codes

Event hosts (with account levels of Advanced (2) or above) can restrict ticket types by setting an Unlock Code on them in Advanced Options in the event wizard.

Find this feature in Advanced Options while editing Ticket Type. If you don’t see it, contact our customer support to upgrade your account!

Links with unlock codes can be sent to individuals via the Eventgroove invitation page or aimed at target audiences via external means (such as email marketing, social media, websites, posters, QR-codes, etc.).

unlock codes

Unlock codes can be assigned to any ticket type for a public event. You can even set different unlock codes for different ticket types. When multiple ticket types for one event should be restricted, the host can set an unlock code to access all the ticket types, or they can set different codes for different ticket types.

Once the code(s) is set up, there are two ways event hosts can share links to those they want to have access to the restricted tickets.

Option 1. Universal Links (Event Wizard)

From the Event Wizard, hosts can get a copy of a link to the event page that includes ONE unlock code. People who use that link to access the event will see all unrestricted ticket types, plus any that are unlocked by that code. Since there is a single common link, any email delivery vehicle may be used (e.g., MailChimp, Constant Contact). This link may also be made available on print materials, via QR codes, etc.  See Appendix A for alternative ways to get event links that include the Unlock Code.

Option 2 – Individual Links (Invitations)

From the Event Invitations page, if the event has available ticket types with assigned Unlock Codes, the host may select at most one unlock code to be embedded within the invitation emails they send. The code may be selected at the top of section 2.

In section 3, the list of invitees is displayed, showing Status (Queued, Sent, Accepted, Opt-Out) and the Unlock code included in the invitation (if any). Except for users who have opted out, invitations may be resent at any time.

A Resend will always use the same email address and include the same unlock code as the original. To change either, the host can Remove the old invitation and return to section 2 to send a new invitation with the email address and unlock the code desired.