Accept ticket sales right up until your event starts by processing sales at the door.

1. Enable at-Door Sales for Your Event

In the event wizard on the payments tab, you will see an option to accept credit cards, cash, or both for at-the-door sales. 

2. At the Door

At your event, if a guest asks to purchase a ticket at the door, navigate to your event dashboard from your device, select your event, then select ‘Guests & Check-In’ in the left nav. Finally, click ‘Sell Tickets’.

3. Event Page

You will see your event page open up. Select the tickets you are selling, and navigate to the cart. 

4. Select a Payment Type

On the cart tab, select whether the customer will pay by cash or card.

5. Enter Customer Details

Enter the guest’s email address. 

For credit card payments: enter the full name, and credit card number. If you have an iPhone you can scan the card with your phone’s camera for quicker number entry. 

For cash payments: enter the amount the customer provided, and the system will calculate the change needed.

6. Check in

After the sale is complete, you’ll see a button to check-in the guest. 

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