Generate custom links and buttons for each website referring attendees to your event. Affiliate websites add the links to their sites to direct visitors to your event page. To add a new sales affiliate, navigate to the “Sales Affiliates” area in the left navigation bar of your event. Then click “Add sales affiliate” and enter the name of the affiliate you want to create, for example, Facebook or a sponsor’s name.

Once you have added an affiliate, you will need to send them their unique tracking link or button code. The unique codes and links are given under Affiliate details. These links are similar to the button you can create for your page; however, each affiliate will have a unique tracking code associated with it. Sales from attendees who purchase tickets after selecting the affiliate link or button are automatically attributed to the referring affiliate website. Many event promoters choose to provide incentives for their affiliates by giving them a percentage of all sales they refer. To edit an existing sales affiliate, click the details icon. To delete the affiliate click the Remove icon.