The first step to begin setting up your reserved seating event is to create a new event. As you complete all the steps of the setup process, be sure to select reserved seating when you select the seating option. Once you have selected the reserved seating option, create a new venue located in the pull-down menu.

Complete the remaining steps of the setup process and click “finish.” Once you click finish, a message will appear informing you to contact our friendly customer support team to finish setting up reserved seating for your venue. You will also receive an email notifying you to contact customer support to move forward with your reserved seating event. This process is free and normally takes only 2-3 business days before you can start selling tickets. During this period, your event will remain paused.

Once customer support finishes setting up your venue, you will continue setting up the reserved seating for your event. When customer support has finished setting up your venue, you can log on to Eventgroove. The following message will appear on your reserved seating event, asking you to map all ticket types for your event.

Important to note: Once you have started ticket sales and sold tickets to your event, you will not be able to edit the venue information. We recommend double-checking your venue information before proceeding. Also, before mapping your ticket types, we recommend double-checking your venue information.



Mapping your ticket types will be the final step in setting up your reserved seating event. Click this link to learn how to map your ticket types.