Issuing a refund on Eventgroove is easy and free. All Eventgroove fees will be waived in the event of a full refund, and only partial fees will be charged in the event of a partial refund. To begin issuing a refund, select “Refunds” located on the left navigation menu from your event dashboard. You also have the ability to issue refunds from the “Orders” Section of the event dashboard. Search for the order you would like to issue a refund and select the refund icon in line with the order.

You may then select the ticket or tickets you would like to refund from the refund ticket table. When you are satisfied with your selection, select the refund button.

The Ticket Buyer will receive an email notifying them of the refund. If you are using PayPal payment processing, you will need to complete an additional step to complete the refund. With PayPal, there are two ways you may issue refunds to your event attendees. You may issue the refund yourself in your PayPal account or change your PayPal account settings and manually change your Eventgroove guest list. To learn more about these two Paypal refund methods continue reading below.

PayPal processing refunds

Refunds are not available if you choose PayPal as your payment processor. If you choose PayPal, all sales are final and service fees cannot be refunded. However, if you would like to refund a ticket buyer on your own, we recommend you do this though your own PayPal account. Be aware that PayPal has a limit as to how long a transaction can be refunded.  To fit with their refund policy, we disable refunds on the orders report for any orders which were placed more than 30 days prior.  This is 30 days after the order was placed by the buyer, not 30 days after the event has ended. After the event has ended, there is a 4-day grace period when refunds can be issued, and then we disable the refunds so that refunds cannot be issued after we sent payment to the host.

Please note, since you are not using our payment processing, you will need to manually update your guest list before the event since refunds in your PayPal account are not recognized by Eventgroove.

To manually update your guest list we recommend exporting your guest list as a .csv file and use Excel to edit the list prior to printing it.

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