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How to bundle tickets

Use our ticket bundling feature to group different tickets together in a single purchasable item. This can be handy if you want to offer a full weekend pass for multiple days, a family pass that includes adult and child ticket types, a festival pass that includes...

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Promote your event: share event

Sharing your event is the best way to increase ticket sales. You will find many ways to promote and share your event on the Share page of your event dashboard. You can find it by selecting your event, and then selecting 'Share Event' in the left menu.You can choose to...

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How to find events near me

Find events near where you live, or near a particular zip code. From, select the link on the right for 'events near me'.The system will automatically detect your location, and display events within a 50 mile radius. You can modify the search...

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Add event to calendar

Your event attendees will be able to add your event directly to their calendar after they purchase tickets.Guests will purchase tickets to your event as they normally would.After they've completed their purchase, they will see a link on the confirmation page that will...

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My Events (Event Dashboard)

The My Events Section will take you to a menu that displays all the events you have created on Eventgroove. If you do not see an event you have created, try to change the visibility to Show All. This will show both hidden and visible events. Using the Sort by Menu you...

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Livestream from your event page

Embed a livestream on an event page Providing a virtual option to attend your event maximizes your earning potential and helps you reach a larger audience. Stream your event directly from your event page by embedding a livestream. It's easy and can be done in a few...

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Setting unlock codes for restricted tickets

What it does Several event hosts have asked for restricted ticket types for their events. Restricted tickets are  also known as "early-bird" tickets or "tickets with unlock codes." Restricted tickets will remain invisible to ticket buyers unless they present a special...

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Eventgroove Events Partner Release Notes

    Welcome to the Eventgroove Events Partner Release Notes page. Here you will find all new feature releases for your Event Center site. If you have had custom feature releases, they will be emailed to you directly. Questions? Reach out to...

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How to create a hybrid event

Enter event details in the first tab as you normally would. Then, at the top of the venue tab, select ‘Hybrid Event’.  Select or create your in-person venue (Primary Venue), which will be a physical address.On the same tab, select ‘Edit Secondary Venue’ and enter the...

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How to capture guest info during check-in

So, you've discovered our guest info feature that allows you to request additional information from guests before they arrive at your event - awesome! But, you've noticed that some guests are still showing up who haven't filled out the information you requested...

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Events frequently asked questions

Eventgroove is the one-stop integrated platform for events and fundraisers driven to help its customers amplify their brand and execute wildly successful events. With Eventgroove, event organizers can create a customized web page that lists their events and enables...

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Embed an online fundraiser on your event page

Hosting an online fundraiser to accompany your event is a great way to maximize your earning potential. Embed your fundraiser details directly on your event page to amplify your impact. See an example→  After creating your fundraiser in Eventgroove Fundraising,...

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