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Eventgroove Events Partner Release Notes

These release notes are for Eventgroove partners with Private Label (P-L) My Event Center sites. These updates apply to My Event Center updates and changes. Contact your dedicated Customer Support team member or Customer Success Manager for feature release walkthroughs.

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How to create a hybrid event

Enter event details in the first tab as you normally would. Then, at the top of the venue tab, select ‘Hybrid Event’.  Select or create your in-person venue (Primary Venue), which will be a physical address.On the same tab, select ‘Edit Secondary Venue’ and enter the...

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How to capture guest info during check-in

So, you've discovered our guest info feature that allows you to request additional information from guests before they arrive at your event - awesome! But, you've noticed that some guests are still showing up who haven't filled out the information you requested...

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Events frequently asked questions

Eventgroove is the one-stop integrated platform for events and fundraisers driven to help its customers amplify their brand and execute wildly successful events. With Eventgroove, event organizers can create a customized web page that lists their events and enables...

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Embed online fundraiser on your event page

Hosting an online fundraiser to accompany your event is a great way to maximize your earning potential. Contact our Customer Support to embed a preview of your online fundraiser directly on your event page. Then follow the steps below!  Email: ...

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Scannable printed tickets for your event

Your guests will love keeping printed tickets as a keepsake from your event. Printed event tickets are also great for fulfilling will-call orders and easy to distribute to local vendors to sell in advance. Barcodes on the tickets automatically sync with your event so...

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All about event integrations

Eventgroove is chock-full of useful features to help you manage your events. But, we know you use other services too! We want you to be able to link and manage all these tools in one place -- the Integrations page!Find all available services on our Integrations page....

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Event management tips

So, you published your event. Congrats! Now what? Here's how your event dashboard can help maximize ticket sales.Make changes to your event details, venue, and tickets.Spruce up your event page with a custom event image, background, and banner.See how ticket sales...

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Event day essentials

On event day, your mobile dashboard is your best friend.  It's where you can quickly and easily access everything you need. You can manage your guest list, check-in guests, and even sell additional tickets all from your mobile dashboard.View or print the guestlist for...

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How to create an event

On event day, there's a lot to do. The last thing you want to deal with is training each new shift of volunteers how to check in guests. We've created multiple entry points and options for checking in guests to make it quick and simple for anyone on your event day...

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