The Orders page allows you to search event attendees’ ticket orders, view the details of the orders, and issue full or partial refunds. You can search for a specific order by entering the performance name, ticket type, order reference number, buyer name, or email. For best search results, fill in as many fields as possible. Search results will be updated in real-time as you change the input fields. In addition, you may select the details icon in the orders table to view each individual ticket purchase for a specific order and view any full or partial refunds issued.

To issue a refund, select the refund icon in line with the order you would like to refund and choose the return button. All Ticket River fees will be waived in the event of a full refund, and only partial fees will be charged in the event of a partial refund. To verify a refund you have issued, choose the details icon in line with the order. The refund should appear in the refund table displayed at the bottom of the page. Follow this link to read more about Refunds.

To view the details of an order, click the “Details” icon. A table will appear at the bottom of the page showing the details of the order you selected. From this table, you will have the option to print the specific order and resend the ticket. To resend a ticket, click the resend icon. Follow this link to learn more about Re-sending ticket purchaser emails.