On this page you can record any offline ticket sales that you have made. Offline ticket sales are any physical tickets which are sold directly to the ticket buyer (event attendee). Eventgroove makes it easy to see how many tickets you sold both online and offline. Examples of offline ticket sales include ”Will Call”. If you are selling and distributing tickets both online with Eventgroove through ”print-at-home/email” and offline through ”Will Call”, be sure to record your offline sales!

You can keep track of the number of tickets sold for each performance, the ticket types, prices, and quantities. To record offline ticket sales, select your event and view your event dashboard. Select the ”Check/Cash Sales” link and enter the quantity and value of tickets sold offline. While not required, Eventgroove strongly recommends you record offline sales. This will allow you to track the value and ticket buyers for both online and offline sales channels. This information will be saved on Eventgroove and is a great resource when planning future events.

It is important to decide how many tickets you want available online and offline. To edit a ticket, select the ”ticketing plan” link on the left navigation menu of your event dashboard. Next select the edit icon located in-line with the ticket you would like to report offline sales. On the ticket detail pop up, specify the quantity of offline tickets available for that ticket type and save your changes. You can go back and change the number of tickets for sale at any time during your event.

Important Note: You will need to collect the email address for the ticket buyers online and offline. If you forget to collect an email, don’t worry, you can enter your own email to complete the offline transaction.