Below is a description of how a ticket buyer can receive mobile tickets to events directly to their phone. To set up mobile ticketing for your event, see our post about connecting your Twillio account. If you enable mobile ticketing for your event, buyers will still receive an email confirmation as well. 

1. Buyer opts-in to text messages

After completing a ticket purchase, click the ‘Enable Text Messages’ link.

2. Enter phone number

Enter your phone number and select ‘Get Code’.

3. Verify phone number

Enter the verification code that was sent to your phone.

4. Send tickets

Once you’ve verified your number, select ‘Send Tickets’. The mobile ticket link is secure and encoded. The link does not require any log in or ID to use, and it may be freely copied, shared, or forwarded.

5. Your Tickets

Clicking the link brings up the mobile ticket on the phone. 

Other ways to access a mobile ticket

If you do not opt-in immediately after checkout, or accidentally delete your mobile ticket from your phone, all is not lost.

By using the Events I’m Attending page (requires log-in with email and password), you can send the mobile ticket back to your device (assuming you have opted in already). If you did not opt in at checkout, you can start that process on the same page.

You can also call 888.509.1060 and our friendly team will help you out.

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