To map the ticket types for your event you can follow the link from the alert message or navigate in the toolbar on the left side of your event dashboard and select “Seating Configuration.” From the Configure venue menu select “Map tickets.”


Map Tickets

The Mapping menu will appear below the Ticket Information menu. From the mapping area, you will need to match your ticket types to the appropriate reserved seating venue. Click here to see an example of a reserved seating event page. From the venue layout, you can see there are various sections and ticket types available. According to your own seating plan, match the sections from the pull-down menu to one of the available ticket types. We recommend one primary ticket type be associated with each section. For example, this recommendation would not exclude children or early bird tickets from a single section. You can also use one ticket type for multiple sections. Do not worry about saving until you have mapped all ticket types.

In the example, the three different ticket types are matched to the appropriate sections. To finish mapping your tickets simply click save at the bottom of the page and then click start at the top of the page. Ticket buyers will now be able to select their preferred seats and section from your new reserved seating event page!

All the changes you make mapping your ticket plans will be summarized in a table under the seating configuration section of your event dashboard. At any time you will be able to change a reserved seating section to open seating; however you will not be able to change a default open seating section into a reserved seating section without contacting customer support.

Manage Your Seating

Once you have set up and mapped all of your ticket types you can then Manage your seating. Managing your seating is easy to do and it will allow you to manage and edit individual sections.