The manage seating feature of reserved seating allows you the flexibility to change, edit, and update the seats in your venue in real-time. To begin, click the manage seating icon.


Once you click the manage seating icon, a window will appear. The seating manager is your tool to control ticketing to your event. Here you may mark tickets to be blocked for online ticket sales, release seats that are currently held or have previously been sold, issue complementary tickets to friends or family, and report ticket sales from cash or check purchases.

Important Note: Your ticket buyers will only be able to see whether a seat is available or unavailable for sale.

The seating manager window provides a legend with all the available options for your seats. Click here for more information about the legend. When managing your seating, first double-check you select the correct section from the section drop-down menu. Once you have selected the correct section you will be able to manage your seating using the following reserved seating editing box at the bottom of the window. This menu will only appear once you have selected seats.

This editing box allows you to make changes, edit, or update each seat you have selected in green.

Block Seats

If you would like to block off the entire section, select the seats in the section, select block from the action menu, and then click submit. Remember, ticket buyers will only see if the seats are unavailable or available. Blocking off a specific number of seats can allow you to manage your offline ticket sales and your online sale all in one place. Continue reading to learn more about Check/Cash (Offline) sales.


Reporting offline ticket sales has never been easier! First, select the seats you sold to offline, and from the action menu, select Check/Cash. We recommend blocking off a section of seats available for offline sales. This will ensure you will not oversell your event. From the Check/Cash editing menu, you have the option to select the type of ticket sold, the fulfillment option, and more. You can also limit your offline sales to open seating sections. Click to learn more about offline sales for open seating.

Complimentary Tickets

Offering complimentary tickets is simple and a great way to thank your family, friends, and sponsors for supporting the event. First, select your seats, then choose “Complimentary” from the action menu. From the Complimentary tickets editing menu, you have the option to select the type of ticket sold, the fulfillment option, name, email, and the option to add a note. The example below outlines a section of sponsorship seating. Click to watch a video about open seating complimentary Tickets.

Release Tickets

If you need to change a seat, select the seat and choose release from the action menu. This will open the seat for ticket buyers once again. If you have any questions about managing your seating, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer support team.