1. Event Info

Enter your basic event information such as name, date, time, etc. Want to sell tickets? Make sure you select Ticketed under Event Type!

Event Reports: If you want, we’ll email you reports about your event analytics (page visits & sales information)

2. Venue

Tell visitors about your venue. Hosting an event with reserved seating? Our friendly support staff will reach out to help you set it up.

3. Ticketing

Add as many ticket types as you like. Include basic information about pricing and quantity. Under advanced options, specify when sales should begin and end, as well as the minimum and maximum number of tickets per purchase.

Guest Info: request additional information from ticket buyers, such as email, t-shirt size…anything you want.

4. Payments

Tell us how you prefer to be paid. Based on your event specs, one of our payment options may work better than the other (for example, reserved seating events are not compatible with PayPal).

How much? Our processing fee is 2%+$0.50/ticket. PayPal and Stripe charge 1.9-2.9%+$0.30/transaction.

5. Publish!

Congratulations, your event page is live! Be sure to check out your my-event-dashboard (Manage Events>Click on Event name) to share your page, view analytics, check your guest list, and more.

Pro tip: customize your page

Go to event dashboard (Manage Events>Click on event title). At the top, click the design button. Upload a feature image, banner image, and customize your background.