1. Create an In-Person Venue

Enter event details in the first tab as you normally would. Then, at the top of the venue tab, select ‘Hybrid Event’.  Select or create your in-person venue (Primary Venue), which will be a physical address.

2. Create an Online Venue

On the same tab, select ‘Edit Secondary Venue’ and enter the details for your online venue (Secondary Venue). These details should include the streaming platform you are using, a link, and instructions on how to access the virtual event on the day of. 

3. Sell Tickets

Attendees who purchase tickets to your live event will receive an email with a PDF containing their event tickets. 

Virtual attendees will receive a link to your event streaming page. The link will be secure until your event begins.  

4. Check-In and Start!

In-person attendees will present their tickets (either printed, or on their phone) when they arrive at your event for check-in. 

Virtual attendees will click the secure event link that they received in their email. They will see a countdown timer until your event begins. If you choose to embed your live stream, they’ll see the video as soon as you start. If you do not embed your video, the countdown timer will be replaced by the external link you provide and users will be able to access your live stream that way.