Offer both in-person and virtual options for attending your event. Create two separate event pages; one for in-person attendees, one for virtual attendees.

1. Create your live event

Set up your event just as you would set up any other event. In the Venue tab, share the details about your in-person venue. 

Pro tip: We can help you set up a reserved seating chart with seats blocked for social distancing

2. Create your virtual event

Clone the event you just created in step 1, and modify the details for your virtual event. On the Venue tab, select ‘Virtual/Online Event’ and enter the URL where ticket buyers will be able to access your event. You can choose to embed your live stream directly on your event streaming page by pasting the embed code from your chosen hosting service. 

Pro tip: We recommend including a link to the live version of your event in the event details for your virtual event, and vice versa. Simply copy the URL of each event page, and paste it in the event details section. 

3. Sell tickets

Attendees who purchase tickets to your live event will receive an email with a PDF that contains their event tickets. 

Virtual attendees will receive a link to your event streaming page. The link will be secure until your event begins.  

4. Check-in and start!

In-person attendees will present their tickets (either printed, or on their phone) when they arrive at your event for check-in. 

Virtual attendees will click the secure event link that they received in their email. They will see a countdown timer until your event begins. If you chose to embed your live stream, they’ll see the video as soon as you start. If you did not embed your video, the countdown timer will be replaced by the external link you provided, and users will be able to access your live stream that way.