There is a ton of stuff to do on event day. The last thing you want to deal with is training each shift of volunteers on how to check-in guests.

We’ve created multiple entry points and options for checking-in guests to make it quick and simple for everyone on the check-in team.

1. Guest list OR QR code

You can access the check-in tool using any Android or Apple device. There are 2 options:

Option 1. Scan your event’s unique QR code. To find it, log into your event dashboard from your desktop, and click ‘Share Event’. 

Option 2: Log into your event dashboard from your mobile device. Select your event, then the Guests tab. 

2. Scan QR code & enter pin

Option 1: Open your device camera (or QR code reader) and scan your event’s unique QR code. When prompted, enter the event pin. This will open the online check-in app.

TIP: We recommend printing out the event QR code and placing it at the check-in station so volunteers can be up and running in just a few seconds!

Option 2: Select a performance, and tap ‘Start Scanning’.


3. Camera selection

Our ticket scanner uses the camera in your phone, so you need to tell it which one to use (we recommend the back camera).

TIP: if you’re having trouble with the scanner, you can checkin guests manually by selecting the attendee name.

4. Scan away!

To check-in guests click the green ‘Start Scanning’ button and point the phone camera at the ticket barcode. The app will ding and light up green when check-in in successful. An error sound and red light will appear if the ticket has already been scanned or if there is another issue accepting the ticket.

Try it out!

Click here to download a PDF of sample tickets. Then click the link below on your mobile device to demo our ticket scanner.

Demo check-in scanner→





Stuck? We’re here to help. 

Contact our team to set up a time a chat. 


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