There is a ton of stuff to do on event day. The last thing you want to deal with is training each shift of volunteers on how to check-in guests.

We’ve created multiple entry points and options for checking-in guests to make it quick and simple for everyone on the check-in team.

Guest list

You can access the check-in tool using any device. To access check-in, select Guests & Check-In in the left menu. 

NOTE: You can also access check-in from the Event Apps page.

Select check-in method

You can check-in guests by scanning tickets, or by manually checking a box next to their name on the guest list. Select the option that works best for you in the Check-In Options link.

Easy volunteer access

Are volunteers helping with guest check-in at your event? Grant them easy access to the check-in page by providing a QR code that links directly to the page. To access the check-in app, they’ll need to verify by entering a 4-digit PIN. You can find the QR codes and PIN on the Event Apps page.

Manual check-in

To check-in guests manually, select the Guests app. Select the guest you want to check in, and tap the checkbox next to their name.

Scan method

Mobile device: our ticket scanner uses the camera in your device, so you need to tell it which one to use (we recommend the back camera). To check-in guests, click the green ‘Start Scanning’ button and point the phone camera at the ticket barcode. The app will ding and light up green when check-in is successful. An error sound and red light will appear if the ticket has already been scanned or if there is another issue accepting the ticket.

Scanning device: If you prefer to use a scanning device, select the ‘Use hand-held scanner’ from the Scan app. Make sure your scanner is connected to the device where your Eventgroove Scan app is open, and point the scanning device at the ticket barcode. The same success and error messages will appear as described in the Mobile device section above. 

Note: There are many scanning devices available. Based on the one you choose, you can run the Scan app on your phone, tablet, or laptop and connect the scanner via Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Try it out!

Click here to download a PDF of sample tickets. Then click the link below on your mobile device to demo our ticket scanner.

(You can also access this from the Event Apps page in your Eventgroove dashboard)

Demo check-in scanner→