So, you’ve discovered our guest info feature that allows you to request additional information from guests before they arrive at your event – awesome! But, you notice some guests are still showing up who haven’t filled out the information you requested…despite the automated emails they received. So, what do you do? We’ve built a special check-in tool specifically to capture lingering guest information with ease.

Note: this tool works best on a laptop. If you prefer to scan guest QR tickets, see the article about our mobile check-in scanner.

1. Scan QR code & enter PIN

Visit the Site Services page, which is located in the left nav of your event dashboard. Scan the QR code under ‘Guest Check-In’, and enter your PIN.

2. Processing guests

When guests check in, they can provide their own name/email, or the name/email from the person who purchased their tickets. They can also provide their 4-digit ticket code. You’ll see a status icon next to each guest’s name in the list. The red exclamation means some requested info is still missing. The yellow people icon means the data is complete, but may be duplicated, so you should double check it. 

TIP: For walk-ups (people who haven’t purchased tickets yet), have them scan the QR code in the upper left corner of your screen. This will take them to the event page where they can purchase their tickets. Once they’re finished, they can return to the check-in line.  

3. Missing guest info

Any missing information will be indicated by a red background. To enter missing information, select the blue name link on the left which will open the guest info form.

TIP: If some guests share information (such as same address), you can use the Copy buyer info link at the top of the guest info form.


4. Check in

Once you’ve entered any guest info, check the box at the right to check in the guest.

5. Check in totals

At the top of the screen, you’ll see a running list of total check-ins.

6. Check in while disconnected

Once you’ve logged in using the QR code and PIN, the check-in tool will continue to store check-in data even if you lose your internet connection. The system will automatically update your guest information once the connection is restored.