Adding your event details is a snap with Eventgroove’s Event Wizard! Simply work your way from left to right on the tabs. Once you have all the required information entered, you’ll see a green check at the top of the tab. This article will dive deeper into each of the Event Wizard tabs and explain what information you need on each. 

Event Info

This information will appear on your event page and will be visible to attendees. You have the option to add a full event description that gives you more opportunity to describe the details of your event and encourage visitors to purchase a ticket. You can also add images and adjust your font selection in this section. Most hosts choose to add at least two or three paragraphs in the event details area.

Date and Time

You have the option to edit any of the performance information simply by selecting the edit icon. Once selected a screen will appear allowing you to edit any of the details about the selected performance. To remove a performance simply select the remove icon. You must have at least one performance for your event active at any given time.


This is where you add information about the location of your event. Whether it’s Hybrid, in-person, reserved seating or virtual. Once you have started ticket sales and sold tickets to your event you will not be able to edit the venue information. If you are having trouble with a venue please contact our customer support team.


There are a lot of ticketing features available to fit any plan!  This is where you’ll create your all your tickets. Create as many as you need, set start and end sales dates for each ticket type, set quantities available for sale and choose your fulfillment options. 


The Payment tab is where you’ll connect your payment processing account, indicate if you’d like to recive donations and choose how the fees are applied. Once this last step is complete, you’ll be able to publish your event!