Spread the word about your event by sending invitations. Eventgroove makes creating an email list a breeze. Separate addresses with a comma or a space. For example: Example.One@gmail.com, Example.Two@yahoo.com. If you have a CSV or Excel file, copy the email address in your list and past them in the recipients field.

You may edit the text, add links, and even add images to your email invitations. To preview your email message before sending, select the preview icon.

Manage Invitations

Send all pending invitations from step three by selecting “Send invites now”. If you do not wish to send your email invitations now, you will be able to send them later using the same contact list and email message you created with step three. Simply select the “Invite” link on your event dashboard after completing this step.

Monitor your email marketing campaign success by viewing all the invitations you have sent, and which of your invitees have unsubscribed. You may easily resend invitations by selecting the invitation icon then selecting the save button to save your selection and then send pending invitations. If you would like to view the list of unsubscribed contacts, select the link beneath the table.

Contacts will not appear on the Manage Invitations table until after the invitation has been sent.