Spread the word about your event by sending invitations in a few simple steps.

Create an email invitation

  1. Access event invitations:
  2. Choose a template and accent color 
  3. Your event details will automatically populate whichever template you choose. You can also add a custom message to your guests. 

Create an email distribution list

Eventgroove makes creating an email list a breeze. Simply separate email individual addresses with a comma or space. For example: Example.One@gmail.com, Example.Two@yahoo.com. If you have a CSV or Excel file, copy the email address in your list and past them in the recipient’s field.

If you have a marketing integration, you can also choose to send to one of your marketing lists. 

Preview you email invitation

To preview your email message before sending, enter your email address in the preview field, and click ‘Save and Send Preview’. 

example Eventgroove Events email invitation

Send and monitor

Send all invitations by selecting “Send invites”. 

Monitor your email marketing campaign success by viewing all the invitations you have sent, and which of your invitees have unsubscribed (select ‘bounces and blocks’ checkbox). You may easily resend invitations by selecting ‘resend’ next to a contact’s email address. 

Questions? Give us a call during business hours at 888.509.1060 or email us anytime at events@eventgroove.com.