We get it–controlling your brand is important. Below are 3 important ways you can personalize your account, and make it easier for your audience to find all your events.

Event branding

Automatically apply specific branding images to all your events (no need to keep uploading the same images!). To set your preferred banner, event image, and background, log into your account and select Event Branding from the left menu. You can always override your default image for an individual event from the design tool in your event dashboard.

Organizer profile (or event hub!)

Hosting multiple events at once? Create an organizer profile page that acts as an event hub, and lists all your events in one place. You can easily customize your page with images, social links, and your own website. To create and customize your page, select Organizer Profile from the left menu in your account.

My account

Quick access to many of our advanced features, as well as basic account information.

Audit: See exactly who did what in your account (and when)

Events: List of events in your account

Multi-User: See who has access to your account, and grant access to new

users to use your account on your behalf

Organizer Prof & Branding: See above