Eventgroove is chock-full of useful features to help you manage your events. But, we know you use other services too! We want you to be able to link and manage all these tools in one place — the Integrations page!


Find all available services on our Integrations page. To use any of the listed services, click ‘Set up Access to my Account’.

Connecting your account

You’ll need to grant permission to Eventgroove to share information with your selected email service (MailChimp, for example). To do this, you’ll just need to enter your MailChimp account details and click ‘Log In’.

Push data from Eventgroove Events

Once your integration is linked, you’ll be able to send and receive data between your accounts. You can send information about your Eventgroove attendees to your MailChimp account by clicking ‘Add to Contact List’. Then you can send emails to your attendees within MailChimp.

Pull data into Eventgroove Events

Our email templates are super easy to set up and send. Event details and a link to your event page will automatically populate the template so all you have to do is customize the message, and send. Easily link and send to your list of email recipients from MailChimp in Step 2-Add Invitee Email Addresses.