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List Manager

Market your Eventgroove events to contacts with our list manager! It’s designed to make sending personalized email invitations and direct mail postcards to contacts seamless and easy. Using the list manager, you can upload a CSV file of contacts and group them so that...

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Guest Info

Collect additional information from ticket buyers at checkout using the Guest Info feature. Additionally, you can gather guest info at the door during check-in. On the ticketing tab, create a new ticket type.At the bottom of the pop-up window, select Advanced...

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Event Reminders via Email

Send an email to all your ticket buyers before your event to remind them of the date, and also bring their tickets to the top of their inbox. A few things to keep in mind:  Reminders may be sent only until the event end date-time Reminders may be sent only for...

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Mobile Tickets

Below is a description of how a ticket buyer can receive mobile tickets to events directly to their phone. To set up mobile ticketing for your event, see our post about connecting your Twillio account. If you enable mobile ticketing for your event, buyers will still...

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How to link your Twilio account

Send text messages to your event attendees using your Twilio account directly from your Eventgroove dashboard. Here’s how. Find a link to Twilio in the Integrations page in your Eventgroove dashboard, or visit Twilio’s website.In your Twilio account, click Get A...

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Manage Promoters

Allow promoters to access only events with which they are involved. They’ll be able to view the event, make changes, and publish. Promoters can also view analytics, guest list, and order reports for their events.For AdminsLog into your account and select Manage...

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Event analytics

Utilize Google Analytics to inform your online marketing decisions, and attribute sales to affiliate sources.Google Analytics is automatically built into your event–no setup required.To view analytics, navigate to your event dashboard, select the event, and choose...

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Sell tickets at the door

Accept ticket sales right up until your event starts by processing sales at the door.In the event wizard on the payments tab, you will see an option to accept credit cards, cash, or both for at-the-door sales. At your event, if a guest asks to purchase a ticket at the...

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How to bundle tickets

Use our ticket bundling feature to group different tickets together in a single purchasable item. This can be handy if you want to offer a full weekend pass for multiple days, a family pass that includes adult and child ticket types, a festival pass that includes...

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Promote your event: share event

Sharing your event is the best way to increase ticket sales. You will find many ways to promote and share your event on the Share page of your event dashboard. You can find it by selecting your event, and then selecting 'Share Event' in the left menu.Your event page...

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How to find events near me

Find events near where you live, or near a particular zip code. From, select the link on the right for 'events near me'.The system will automatically detect your location, and display events within a 50 mile radius. You can modify the search...

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Add event to calendar

Your event attendees will be able to add your event directly to their calendar after they purchase tickets.Guests will purchase tickets to your event as they normally would.After they've completed their purchase, they will see a link on the confirmation page that will...

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