Unable to attend an event you purchased tickets to? No problem – follow the steps below to transfer a ticket to a new guest.

1. Enable ticket transfer

In the event wizard, in the Tickets section, select the Ticket Transfer option. This will allow guests to transfer their tickets.

2. Ticket buyer's confirmation email

One option for transferring tickets is initiated by the ticket buyer. In the email they receive confirming their purchase, it will include a button to transfer the tickets. They will need to click this button to initiate the transfer.

2. Event host: select an order

A second option for transferring tickets can be initiated by the event host. From the Orders & Refunds page, select the order for which you’d like to transfer tickets.

3. Select tickets

In both scenarios, the user will land on the page pictured here. Select which tickets to transfer, and enter the name and email address of the new guest.

Note: If they wish to donate their tickets back to the host, they can choose to do that on this page as well.

4. Transfer tickets

The new ticket buyer will receive an email containing their tickets.

5. Audit

You can see a detailed list of all transfers for a particular ticket by clicking the View Audit link in the upper right corner of this page.