How do you connect Stripe as your payment processor? We’ll walk you through it.

You will need to create a Stripe account if you do not already have one. This may be done either within Eventgroove platforms (Events Center and Fundraising) when connecting your payment account or ahead of time via the Stripe website.

Stripe: What You Need To Know

Learn everything you need to know about using Stripe, the designated credit card processor for Eventgroove Events and Fundraising. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about credit card transactions.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is the credit card processor through which the majority of credit card transactions on Eventgroove Fundraising are conducted. Stripe is a trusted PCI Level 1 processor that transacts billions of dollars every year for some of the world’s largest companies.

Is Eventgroove secure?

Eventgroove’s strict privacy policies ensure that your donors’ personal information and other data is never sold or otherwise provided to third parties.

How much does Stripe charge?

Stripe charges a small fee for the processing of payments. Find information about Stripe’s processing fees via the links below. Most of the information provided applies to both Events Center and Fundraising, however, terminology, articles, and instructions are helpful tools intended for Fundraising.

How much are the credit card processing fees?

Who receives the credit card processing fees?

What is the “application fee” in my Stripe account?

Can I link my own Stripe account?

In addition to creating a new account for your organization, you can also link an existing account to your Eventgroove accounts. The same account may be connected in both platforms (Events Center and Fundraising). This will allow you to receive funds raised on your event or fundraiser directly into your bank account. 

  • Events Center: Simply create a new account or link an existing Stripe account when you create a new event. Once an account is linked to your organization profile, it will be accessible for all new events. If you have more than one Stripe account for designated events, you may connect multiple accounts, however each event must be linked to only one Stripe account at a time.
  • Fundraising: Simply create a new account or link an existing Stripe account when you register your organization or by accessing the funding option in your Eventgroove Fundraising account.

Please note: This account is with Stripe, not Eventgroove. Thus, the terms of this account are negotiated with Stripe, not Eventgroove. When a Stripe account is linked, all payments go through the Stripe account. The funds are not routed through Eventgroove at any point.

Who pays the Stripe fees?

You have options within Eventgroove platforms. 

  • Using Events Center, you can either absorb the credit card processing fee or pass it on to the purchaser. 
  • With Fundraising, you can absorb it, pass it on, or ask the donor if they will cover the fee.

Are there any limitations with Stripe?

Stripe has its own terms of service. When applying for an account, Stripe will review your information to ensure that your organization is approved according to its Services Agreement. Stripe also audits the transactions running through your account.

Can I connect a Stripe POS card reader?

This option is available strictly in Events Center at this time. A Point of Sale (POS) reader allows for your patrons to purchase tickets (items, passes, registration, etc.) by walking up and swiping their credit card.

Where can I purchase a Stripe POS device?

Eventgroove does not sell POS devices. You will need to order POS devices directly from within your Stripe account.

Compatible devices that will work with your Events Center events are Verifone P400 or BBPOS WisePOS E.

Using a Stripe POS Device on Events Center

Stripe Point-of-Sale Transactions – Operations Guide / Checklist

How do I contact Stripe with questions regarding my payment account?

Contact information for Stripe (e-mail, chat, request a phone call)

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