Welcome to the Eventgroove Events Partner Release Notes page. Here you will find all new feature releases for your Event Center site. If you have had custom feature releases, they will be emailed to you directly. If you have any questions, please reach out to partneradmin@eventgroove.com


November 17, 2020

1. Resend Ticket Order via Email.  When re-sending a ticket order email, usually the link to Add Guest Info is not included in the re-sent copy unless it’s sent to the original recipient. If resent to a known Admin user, now we will include the link to Add Guest Info.

2. Link to Event Host page (White-Label). When the host of an event is an Event Organizer with a host profile and a custom page URL, use the space at the top of the event page to link to the host’s event “home” page, rather than to the SEO page that lists other events in the same state.


November 11, 2020

1 . Promoters. Allow Event Aggregators to hide promoters with status of INACTIVE or REQUESTED. This can make managing the promoters page a little easier when there are many entries.


2. Hybrid Events Add copy to in the Event Wizard to let hosts know reserved seating may not be used.

*see how to create a hybrid event here

3. Quality Checks. Improve filtering so admin can select the threshold severity to display events with quality issues.

    October 27th, 2020

    1. Hybrid Events. Support events that offer options for both In-Person and Online attendance. This major feature touches many parts of the system. At this time, only the Desktop Event Wizard supports creation of Hybrid Events.

    2. Order Confirmation Page. When an order contains one or more tickets to Attend Online, and the order is placed within 4 hours of the start of the event (or after it starts), the Confirm page will contain a link “Attend Online with this Ticket” to access the online content. This is done as a convenience to the buyer – and it is in addition to the confirmation email, which will still contain that link as well.

    3. Event Webhooks. Add a list of authorized users to the message, containing all users authorized to the event via Multi-User access.

    4. Event Completion Reminder Email. Do not send the email for events where there are no ticket types that capture Guest Information. Do not send the email to any user accounts marked as disabled.

    5. Fundraising Integration. [Bug] On the Event page, do not list any campaigns with a status of DRAFT.

    6. Event Details – Images on Mobile. [Bug] Images that were contained within the Event Details were not displaying on mobile devices. Fixed that.

    October 21st, 2020
    1. SEO. Made several improvements to SEO scoring and page speed.
    • Block several directory paths in robots.txt
    • Address Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) issues
    • Add rel=”noopener” to external links (when target=”_blank”)

    2. SendGrid. Implement a mandatory security change to use an account’s API-Key to send SMTP mail, rather than a user name and password.

    3. Post-Event Reminder Email. For those P-L sites that set the value of post-event sync days to something greater than zero, send a reminder email one day after the event ends to the event owner, RDs, and authorized users. It will indicate how many days they have to complete the entry of Guest Info before it is sent to the organization’s CRM system.

    6. HTTP Client Library. Convert several more controllers to new HTTP client, including Stripe Connect, PayPal Analytics, and Cognito Authentication. We’ve chipped away at this over several releases and are almost done with the conversion.

    October 14th, 2020

    1 . Add to Calendar. Allow ticket buyers to add a performance date/time to their personal calendar. The Add-to-Calendar link is presented both on the Order Confirmation page and in the corresponding email sent to the buyer. Google and Yahoo web calendars are supported. Other calendars (Apple, Outlook, etc) are supported by downloading a .ics file.


    2. Printed Guest List. From the Guest Check-In app, default the print layout to landscape orientation, and clean up the column formatting.

    3. Add Comment to Order. From the Guest Check-In app, allow entry of a Comment line, which could be used to name the corporate entity that is sponsoring a banquet table or additional notes for the buyer/ticket holders.

    4. Single Sign-On. Update Java libraries, improve error handling, make other internal/structural changes.

    September 18th, 2020

    1. Link to Fundraiser Page – fix a bug where the second link to the Fundraiser Page was broken on the Event desktop page.

    2. Online Venue Configuration. In the setup for an online venue, we previously required an URL to the online event, and allowed an optional EMBED in addition to the URL. Now allow either URL or EMBED or both.

    3.  Event Published Email. Applies only to P-L orgs that are configured for Groups: In the email sent for “Event Published”, perform a Quality Check. If the status is anything other than OK, include the results of the quality check in the email.

    Published Event Email QC

    4.  Stripe Java Library. Update to stripe-java version 20.6.0.


    September 16, 2020

    1. Stripe – Refund. When issuing a refund we have access to the original charge, so copy several metadata values from the charge over to the refund’s metadata: eventID, event, acctCode, externalID, and email.

    2. Online Events. Smooth out a couple of wrinkles with online events:

    • For email invites, all of the templates have a line or two for the venue address, city, and state. Suppress these for online events.
    • Some hosts are using Bundles and Non-Admission tickets in their online events. While ALL tickets should show up in the bottom section of the Order Confirmation Email that summarizes the entire order, ONLY those tickets that may be used to attend should be shown in the section at the top that presents the Link and Button to Attend Online.
    September 15, 2020

    1. Guest Check-In. Add a feature to Print a copy of the guest list. The list is ordered by the BUYER’s name on the order, and will list all the tickets within each order, organized by bundles and individual tickets.

    2. Invite a Volunteer. Allow Event Organizers and Regional Directors to easily direct email invitations to local volunteers who will be working the event.

    September 09, 2020
    1. Disclaimer. From the Custom Message page, give hosts the ability to enter a pre-purchase message to display on the Checkout Page. This may be used for Covid-19 warnings, or other legal disclaimers. What’s the difference between the existing “Message” text field and the new “Disclaimer” ?
    • The Message is plain text. It will display prominently in the body of the confirmation email for ticket orders, and near the bottom of the attached PDF with printable tickets.
    • The Disclaimer is plain text. It displays on the Checkout page just below the “I Agree to Terms of Use” copy, and in the confirmation email to the buyer in small type near the bottom. If identical Message and Disclaimer copy is entered, the copy will not be duplicated in the email. In that case, only the more prominent Message will display.
    Customers who have been using the Message field for Covid warnings  (such as PF-QF) may choose to visit the Custom Message page for their events and copy-paste it from the old field to the new Disclaimer.  

    2. Upcoming Events Report. This CSV report is delivered to Admin weekly. Add a column for Org-Id.

    3. Detect Bundle in a Bundle. Customers found a clever way around our attempts to prevent them from putting a bundle in a bundle. Note this condition as an error in the Quality Check for an event, and don’t allow host to designate a Ticket as a Bundle if it is already in a bundle.

    4. User Detail for Group Manager. On the User Detail page, if the user is a manager of one or more groups, list this with links to the Edit Group pages for each.

    September 02, 2020

    1. Enterprise Dashboard. This is targeted at our large organizations that use Groups to implement hierarchical management of their events. 

    This will provide Admins with a view of activity by Group, with the ability to drill down to see all the events currently active and recently finished within a group. This will probably evolve based on our experiences using it in production, and feedback from partners

     Enterprise Dash 2. Online Event Confirmation Email. We are improving the layout and copy in the confirmation email for online events.