Banquet Seating offers a new option to event hosts. Events that use this feature require no reserved seating setup, and all tickets are sold as “open” seating. As ticket orders are received, the event host may assign guests to their tables. This is different than reserved seating with tables, which allows guests to assign themselves to a table when they check out.

Note: this is an advanced feature. If you don’t see the Banquet seating option pictured below after creating your ticket types, contact our support team. 

1. Enable Banquet Seating

Create an open-seating venue for your event. When adding your tickets, make sure you select ‘Banquet Seating’ under the advanced options. 

Note: Even before proceeding to the next step, it’s now possible to publish the event and start selling tickets. The banquet table configuration does not need to exist yet, but you should make sure that your ticket capacity is set correctly

2. Generate Tables

Select Banquet Seating in the left menu. To add tables, enter the starting number for your tables, how many you want to add, and the capacity for each table. 

3. Update Details

After you’ve created your tables, you can unfold each table individually and add a name, as well as update the capacity. 

4. Assign Guests

You’ll see a list of guests at the top of the page. To assign them to tables, you can either choose to assign them to the best available table, or choose a specific table where they will be seated. 

Note that when an Order has multiple tickets, its guests will be assigned to the best table that has the capacity to seat them all together. In the unlikely case that an order has more guests than any table can accommodate, the host will have to manually select a table for each ticket/guest in the order.

5. Updating Seat Assignments

If you want to move a guest from one table to another, search for them, and select the icon on the right. Select which table they should be moved to, and click save. 

Note: if you want to move people individually instead of as a group, select the ‘move individually’ toggle. 

6. Download CSV

On event day, you can download a CSV with all of the details listed in your event dashboard.