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New on the Eventgroove Online Fundraising Platform—Free Livestream Fundraising!

Marry live and virtual fundraising efforts or boost online fundraising with free livestream on our fundraising platform! Get the details.

The #1 Thing to Do to Retain Donors Post GivingTuesday

ant to improve donor retention post-GivingTuesday? There’s one big thing you can do, and that’s to say “Thank You.” Here’s how and why.

Printed Event Tickets vs. Digital Tickets – Which Is Right for You?

Printed event tickets have been the standard, but digital ticketing has changed the landscape! Get the pros of cons of each!

5 Holiday Hybrid (in-Person and Virtual) Office Party Ideas

Check out our five fun (really!) ideas to combine a virtual event with an in-person bash that’ll make everyone jolly!

Social Media Tips for #GivingTuesday That’ll Help Get Your Cause Noticed

Are you preparing your nonprofit’s GivingTuesday social media strategy? Get noticed and achieve your goals with these social media tips.

Tips for Organizing + Marketing a Wickedly Good Halloween Event

Dying to scare up a Halloween event? These tips will help you create and market your bash, whether guests are virtual or in person!

How to Create a Great Crowdfunding Page for GivingTuesday

How do you create a #GivingTuesday crowdfunding page that inspires visitors to click on that donate button?

#GivingTuesday is Nearly Here! Here’s How to Participate

#GivingTuesday is only two months away! If you’ve got a cause, now’s the time to start getting your fundraising campaign ready! Here’s how.

How to Boost Donations with On-Demand Merchandise

Raising money for your school, team, or nonprofit? Chances are you're on a first-name basis with auctions, online raffles, a-thons, galas, and food fundraisers. While all are great ways to generate funds for your cause, sometimes your efforts could use a little kick...

Announcement: The New Experience Page Is Here

At Eventgroove Fundraising, our goal has always been to provide nonprofit organizations with an effective, intuitive fundraising platform that helps them reach new donors, engage existing donors and raise more money.   With this goal in mind, we are proud to announce...
How to Host an Online Raffle and Win!

How to Host an Online Raffle and Win!

There's a reason so many nonprofits employ in-person (well, pre-pandemic) and virtual raffles to raise money for their cause—they're the little black dress of fundraisers.  Whether you're a coach raising funds for uniforms, a retail business supporting a local cause,...

Why Direct-Mail Marketing Matters in 2021

Why Direct-Mail Marketing Matters in 2021

Prior to the pandemic, direct-mail marketing was an effective way to cut through the digital clutter and reach your customer.In fact, in 2018, this study by the USPS found that “50% of consumers have tried a new product/service/establishment in the past 6 months after...

All-In-One Fundraising FAQs

All-In-One Fundraising FAQs

If you've set up a fundraiser in the last week, you already know the recent launch of all-in-one fundraising automatically updated the look and feel of all ongoing campaigns on Eventgroove Fundraising. You may be can I customize my campaign? We've got you...

Cheatsheet: How to Market Your Eventgroove Fundraiser

After you have registered your organization on Eventgroove Fundraising, it’s time to start fundraising. Set your organization’s fundraiser up for success by telling your story from beginning to end with a compelling narrative across your fundraising hub. Organizing,...

Three Virtual Company Fundraising Ideas and Why CSR Is Important

Three Virtual Company Fundraising Ideas and Why CSR Is Important

Corporate social responsibility’s (CSR) impact reaches far beyond your organization’s nonprofit partner. It affects morale, is an asset to human resources, and positively impacts your brand in a real way.A 2018 charitable giving report found that “90% (of companies)...

Tips for Successfully Promoting Virtual Events in 2021

Tips for Successfully Promoting Virtual Events in 2021

Engagement is top priority when it comes to promoting virtual events, especially now when everything is online. Even down the road when the pandemic abates, the event landscape (like the workplace) will be forever changed—though live events will return, virtual events...

How to Pivot and Plan a Great Virtual Fundraiser

How to Pivot and Plan a Great Virtual Fundraiser

The opportunity to support a cause that resonates with you while making you feel part of a larger community is a major mood booster. Now, more than ever, we crave connection while understanding the need to stay apart. How does one achieve a successful...

Virtual Auction Fundraisers – A Success Cheatsheet for Nonprofits

The pandemic has upended everything. For many nonprofits, survival has meant quickly taking fundraising online. But the approach of slapping on a virtual band-aid to make it through this socially distant moment could be a missed opportunity. Instead, think about the...

Virtual Events Checklist

Virtual Events Checklist

Organizing, selling tickets to, and executing virtual events on Eventgroove is just as simple and straightforward as with in-person events. However, virtual events do bring new challenges to event planning. Luckily, we've taken note of these challenges to help guide...