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Increase Turnout with an Early Bird Ticketing Strategy—A Complete Guide

Discover the benefits of early bird ticketing strategy and how it can help market your event and increase ticket sales.

ChatGPT Prompt Ideas Your Nonprofit Can Try

Dip your toes into AI-assisted writing with ChatGPT prompt examples written especially for nonprofits.

ChatGPT and Nonprofit Writing—The Basics and Benefits

Learn how AI can help your org write more efficiently! The basics, benefits, and pros and cons of ChatGPT and nonprofit writing.

Fun Summer A-Thon Ideas to Try

Raise more money for your org’s great cause this summer using our summer a-thon fundraising ideas and a-thon best practices!

7 Mental Health Tips for Event Professionals

Event planning is fun and rewarding. It’s also one of the most stressful jobs in the USA. What can you do to care for your mental health?

How to Combine an Online Raffle and In-Person Raffle

How to combine an online raffle with an in-person raffle, plus tips for success, and hybrid raffle examples.

Power Up Your Event with Cause Marketing

Discover how your event can benefit from cause marketing, from increased ticket sales to brand awareness and bettering the community.

5 Community Engagement Strategies for Nonprofits

As a small, grassroots nonprofit organization, community engagement is crucial. Read about 5 strategies to help your org connect!

Celebrate Mother’s Day! 6 Event Ideas + Bonus Fundraising Components!

Celebrate the amazing women in your life with one of these six creative and fundraising-friendly Mother’s Day event ideas!

How to Plan a Great Benefit Concert in 7 Steps

Follow these 6 steps and tips while planning your charity concert to put on a great show and reach your organization’s fundraising goals!

Event Ticket Printing + Sustainability

Event Ticket Printing + Sustainability

As a product, printed event tickets are made of ink and paper, then boxed up in cardboard and shipped hither and yon. Once used to manage event check-in and crowd flow, they either end up in someone's scrapbook or in the bin. That's not sustainable, right? The answer...

How to Plan a Sustainable Event

How to Plan a Sustainable Event

Plan a sustainable event (and learn what sustainability is) using these tips and resources. It’s good for our future and your event!

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