As an event organizer, we know you like to plan ahead. But sometimes attendees sign up last minute after you’ve placed your product order. Our on-site badge printing feature allows you to offer the same quality badges for late-signups as for early birds. When you place your badge order, just tell us how many extras to include. For VIP badges synthetic badges, we’ll send you those extra badges without names printed, and you can print labels with last-minute attendee names, and adhere them to the extra badges. For economy badges, we will send you extra badge holders, and you can print each last-minute badge on your home printer on normal paper, cut or fold it, and insert it into the holder. The design will match those that you ordered from us.

1. Browse & Select

Log into your Eventgroove Products account, browse our various badges (3 sizes of synthetic VIP badges, or economy badges)

2. Upload CSV File

Once you’ve selected a design, upload your CSV file.

Pro tip: Make sure you use the same headers that are included in our sample file, which you can download from the pop-up window.

3. Customize

Use the form fields to customize the text of your badge. When you’re happy with your design, click continue, and approve your proof.

4. Extra Badges

Let us know how many extras we should send you.

VIP Synthetic Badges: We will print these extras without names, and include label sheets that you can print from your home printer. Each badge is designed with space for the name labels.

Economy Badges: We will print your badges, and include extra badge holders so you can print your badges at home and insert them into the holders.

5. Order History

After you’ve placed your order, you will be able to access the label builder in your Eventgroove account under Order History.

6. Print Labels

In your order history, select your order, then click ‘Print Labels’

Downloading PDF for Synthetic VIP Badges

Upload your CSV of names to be printed on the labels. Modify your page size if needed, and click Download PDF. Print the labels from your home printer, and apply them to the badges. 

Downloading PDF for Economy Badges

Upload your CSV of names to be printed on the badges. We will generate a PDF with the badge designs, including the names. When the badges are printed, you can cut or fold each one and slip it into the badge holders included with your order.