It seems in these economic times that plenty of organizations are struggling to stay afloat. Whether your charity or nonprofit is in search of sources for operating funds, or your soccer league is badly in need of new uniforms and equipment, you know your group would be assisted by a truly successful fundraiser. From selling tickets to benefit dinners and charitable auctions, to throwing bake sales, and car washes, individuals everywhere are working hard to bring money into their organizations’ coffers.

When you’re ready for a time tested, universally proven fundraiser that stands out from the competition, consider hosting a raffle. The rules of a raffle event are understood by one and all. Organizations print and sell Raffle Tickets, and participants buy them in hopes of winning a prize. Everyone is a winner, the members of the organization and its community, as well as the lucky ticket holder.

At the center of any successful raffle is the raffle ticket. It’s a prize currency that gets people excited about the cause and the possible payoff. When you host a raffle, it’s your goal to print Raffle Tickets and make them ubiquitous. Get the word out with high quality, professionally printed custom Flyers and Posters that represent your cause.

Carefully choose, design and print Raffle Tickets that members of your organization can be proud of. Think of them as small scale promotional materials, showcasing your foundation and its values, as well as providing a practical purpose. They represent your group, even when the fundraiser is over. Quality tickets will be individually numbered for security and will feature a detachable stub for easy tracking. You can have your Raffle Tickets printed with images that represent your cause and still leave enough room for your event details.

In an era when so many groups are fundraising and striving for donations, stand out! Be everywhere all at once when you print and sell Raffle Tickets for your next event.