Terms of Use

Fundraising Terms of Use

Eventgroove Fundraising – Fundraising Terms of Use Eventgroove Fundraising Effective October 14, 2022 Welcome to the Eventgroove Fundraising Web sites including https://www.eventgroove.com/fundraising/ (the "Site"). The following terms and conditions, together with...

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Intellectual Property Policy

Eventgroove Fundraising takes Intellectual Property (“IP”) rights very seriously. This article outlines how Eventgroove Fundraising addresses IP disputes for content on our platform (i.e. the Services). Important Note: Eventgroove Fundraising cannot give you legal...

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Guidelines for Campaign Administrators

Guidelines for Administrators These Guidelines for Administrators are incorporated into our Terms of Use by reference and apply to the use of our website and Services.   Prohibited Content and Items The following content, activities, and Items are prohibited on...

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Funding and Service Fees Policy

Funding As an Administrator who has access to an organization account on Eventgroove Fundraising, you may choose to receive Contributions made to your Campaign(s) by using your own Stripe credit card processing account (“Direct Funding”). Direct Funding. If you elect...

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Refund Policy

Can I get my money back? You may request the refund of your Contribution(s) to a Campaign by contacting the Campaign’s Administrator(s). All such refunds are handled under the Campaign or Administrator’s refund policy. If you are unable to reach the Campaign...

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Cookie Policy

Eventgroove Fundraising allows certain other companies to use cookies and other automated data collection tools (collectively, “cookies”) when you use the Service. This Cookie Policy explains our use of cookies on Eventgroove Fundraising’s website (“Site”) and...

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Fundraising Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Eventgroove Fundraising Effective Jan 17, 2018   Who we are Eventgroove Fundraising, Inc. and its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, representatives, consultants, employees, officers, and directors — (collectively, “Eventgroove...

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Sweepstakes Official Rules

ABOUT OUR OFFICIAL SWEEPSTAKES RULES Eventgroove Fundraising is a fundraising platform that charities and other nonprofit organizations use to promote charitable giving through innovative and exciting online fundraising campaigns. These campaigns include charity...

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