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Why Donor Journey Maps are Essential to Fundraising Success

Digital communications have become extremely crowded. There's simply too much information coming at us all at once, making it difficult for our organizations’ voices to be heard. Storytelling is an incredibly effective way to stop people in their tracks and connect...

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6 Creative Winter Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Ideas

The winter doldrums are real. Everyone’s looking for something fun to do and a way to make good on the new year’s intention of giving back. The opportunity is ripe to raise funds and attract new supporters for your organization’s cause! A winter peer-to-peer...

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How To Create A Social Media Challenge For Your Fundraiser

We've all heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge—in one viral swoop, it increased awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and helped the ALS Association raise a lot of money. According to NPR, "The ALS Association said that $2.2 million of funds that were raised from...

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How to Prevent Volunteer Burnout: 6 Helpful Strategies

Volunteers are critical to nonprofits—in many cases, the good work wouldn’t get done without them! So, what do you do when your helpers lose interest and disengage?Not unlike donor fatigue, volunteer burnout has a lot to do with how your organization interacts and...

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New Years Eve Fundraising—3 Last-Minute Ideas For Your Bash

New Year's Eve is a time to come together to see off the past and bring in the future with a bang. Whether you're planning your own NYE event or supporting someone else's, there are many ways to make your event as charitable as possible. Although December 31 is just...

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5 Ways to Thank Your Donors for Their Support

Thanking your donors for their support is one of the smaller yet more important things your organization can do. Not only is it polite, but it nurtures the relationship between you and your supporters, helping to stave off dreaded donor fatigue and nurture donor...

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Infographic—Nonprofit Payment Processing Explained

Nonprofit organizations know that raising money can be a challenge. Add processing donations into the mix and things get even more complicated. After all, as utilitarian as it may be, payment processing supports all online giving and e-commerce tools. It’s an...

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6 Actionable Steps Your Nonprofit Can Take To Engage Gen Z

There’s a lot out there about Gen Z and it’s all overwhelming. That their communication, donation, and content consumption patterns are totally different from previous generations, and how Gen Z, Millennials, and younger generations have eclipsed baby boomers and now...

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5 Strategies to Combat Donor Fatigue and Attract New Donors

Donors once active in your small nonprofit have stopped giving as much and as often over the years. Worried, you review the tape, searching for clues about what’s happening. You’ve been sending out charitable appeals to which they've historically responded, so that...

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