Event Reserved Seating Articles

Ticket Buyers: Reserved Seating

As a ticket buyer, you will have the option to choose your seats if the event venue has reserved seating. Begin by visiting the event page and selecting the section in which you would like to sit. Typically, the event page will provide a seating layout to refer to...

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How to manage seating on Eventgroove

The manage seating feature of reserved seating allows you the flexibility to change, edit, and update the seats in your venue in real-time. To begin, click the manage seating icon.   Once you click the manage seating icon, a window will appear. The seating manager is...

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How to map ticket types on Eventgroove

To map the ticket types for your event you can follow the link from the alert message or navigate in the toolbar on the left side of your event dashboard and select "Seating Configuration." From the Configure venue menu select "Map tickets."   Map Tickets The...

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Reserved Seating: Get Started

The first step to begin setting up your reserved seating event is to create a new event. As you complete all the steps of the setup process, be sure to select reserved seating when you select the seating option. Once you have selected the reserved seating...

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