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Sell tickets at the door

Accept ticket sales right up until your event starts by processing sales at the door.In the event wizard on the payments tab, you will see an option to accept credit cards, cash, or both for at-the-door sales. At your event, if a guest asks to purchase a ticket at the...

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PayPal account types

There are three different PayPal account types. Each of them can be used to process payments on Eventgroove Events. Below summarizes each account type to help you decide what is best for your organization.   Personal PayPal Account You may process payments on...

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Event ticket discount codes

Increase sales by giving your ticket buyers a discount. Create your own discount code, set a percentage or dollar amount off per ticket, and distribute to potential attendees. Attendees may enter one discount per order. Discounts have start and end dates as well as an...

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How to view ticket orders and sales on Eventgroove

Viewing all your ticket sales has never been easier. Simply navigate to the "Ticket Orders" section on your event dashboard. This section allows you to view all the attendees who have bought tickets to your event. From this section, you have the option to print or...

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Which type of credit card processing account do I use?

One of the most important decisions you will have to make is what type of credit card processing you want to use. There are two choices you have to process your credit cards: Eventgroove Payment Account and PayPal Processing. This resource will help you decide which...

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How to issue refunds

Issuing a refund on Eventgroove is easy and free. All Eventgroove fees will be waived in the event of a full refund, and only partial fees will be charged in the event of a partial refund. To begin issuing a refund, select "Refunds" located on the left navigation menu...

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Sales Dashboard

The sales dashboard enables you to easily view a summary of ticket sales for your event. Here you may view your total online and offline sales and total sales over time. The graph next to the sales summary can be changed to show daily, weekly, or monthly sales. The...

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Check/Cash Sales (Offline Sales)

On this page you can record any offline ticket sales that you have made. Offline ticket sales are any physical tickets which are sold directly to the ticket buyer (event attendee). Eventgroove makes it easy to see how many tickets you sold both online and offline....

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How to purchase tickets

 Enter Ticket Information The ticket information entered will appear on the Print at Home Ticket and will call receipt. The name on the tickets must match the event attendee's valid identification. If you are purchasing several tickets in a single order, all tickets...

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